12 Tips to Make a YouTube Channel Trailer That’s Impressive (+Examples).

12 Tips to Make a YouTube Channel Trailer That’s Impressive (+Examples).

YouTube is all about first impressions. A captivating trailer is one of the best ways to attract new viewers to your channel.

This article will show you how to create a compelling YouTube trailer.

example of opening thumbnail for youtube channel trailer

What is a YouTube channel trailer and what does it mean?

A YouTube channel trailer allows viewers to quickly learn more about your channel. The trailer will be displayed at the top and play automatically for non-subscribed viewers.

The trailer is crucial because if you’re going to put in the effort to promote your YouTube channel, you’ll need a way to convert that traffic into subscribers.

These are the things you need to include in your trailer to grab viewers’ attention immediately.

  • Briefly introduce your business and the audience for your channel (bloggers or hikers, gamers etc. Please click here.
  • A summary of the types of video content that you post.
  • Highlight reel of your video content.
  • Your schedule for uploading videos.
  • Call to Action (CTA) compelling viewers to sign up

Here’s a very simple template for YouTube channel trailers from Biteable

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How to make a YouTube trailer

How can you make a YouTube channel trailer that covers everything in an engaging way? Let’s get started.

1. Step into your viewers’ shoes

You can create a YouTube channel trailer that is amazing. But, assume the viewer doesn’t know anything about you and your brand. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do viewers want to know immediately about my channel?
  • Which knowledge do you think is the most important?
  • What do I want my viewers to feel after viewing my channel trailer?
  • They shouldn’t be forced to watch my channel again.
  • Which tone should I use? Informative, playful, serious or humorous?
  • What fonts and color schemes are most compatible with my brand?

The video trailer you give viewers should make sure that viewers are certain they have found the right channel within the first five to ten seconds.

These questions are essential to reaching your video marketing goals. You’ll be able provide valuable content if you understand your audience and not just what you think you want.

2. 2. Create a well-structured script

Write a script or note some points to use in your trailer if you are going to be speaking.

Your video should be structured from the beginning to the end. The more succinct and impactful your channel trailer, the more effectively it will work to get you more views and new subscribers on YouTube.

Everything, from the words and images that appear on the screen to music and sounds that viewers hear should communicate clearly your channel’s message. It should also match your brand’s look and feel.

Here’s an example of a great (scripted!) channel trailer:

Important Note:Even if you aren’t a director, it is essential to use a script for your trailer.Usually, they plan out their videos.

It is difficult to cover all the material in a short time. A script can help you avoid unnecessary ” umms“, and allow you to get all the key points you need in the shortest time possible.

3. Captions and clips are recommended

Combine short scenes, sounds and text to make your trailer more attractive. You can add a title to the first screen, or list the key topics that you will be covering in the video.

You might also want captions to show the trailer to people who are not able or willing to hear the sound. Perhaps they are listening to music or annoyed when the sound starts playing automatically.


Here’s a YouTube trailer that is captioned:

4. Use music and high-quality graphics

Animations combined with the right music will draw your viewers in more than any other medium. The combination of great visuals and good music will make your channel trailer stand out.

Make sure you choose music and graphics that are appropriate for your audience.Be consistent with your words and channel..A brand image that is cohesive leads toIncreased brand awarenessThis will make your company and product more memorable and easily recognizable.

There is plenty of graphic design software that makes it easy to keep your images consistent and high-quality.

Appealing to the senses in your video trailer can emotionally move your viewers to subscribe.

Although it is not a channel trailer Asana does a great job of showing unique illustrations.

Expert video strategists advise that you keep your viewers’ attention moving in order to retain their attention.

This is especially important as YouTube channel homepages can often appear “busy”, as you all know.

Everywhere you look there are buttons, playlists, video thumbnails, and even an option for visitors to leave your channel altogether!

However, even though dynamic, fast-moving footage has been shown increase engagement, this type of content may not be ideal for allYouTube channel–like a meditation channel.

However, you can still use elements such as text, visually appealing pictures, and short scenes to grab your viewer’s attention.

5. Keep it brief

A YouTube channel trailer should be a great way to showcase your brand and your content to new viewers.The fastest way to get there.

So, unlike explainer videos (which are great within your channel), the channel trailer itself should instantly arrest the attention of your viewers and in a few short seconds, convey all the information they need to decide whether or not yours is the right channel for them.

What are the chances that someone will watch a video for five to ten minutes before deciding if they are right?

There is no “perfect” length for YouTube channel trailers, but you should aim for 30 to 90 seconds.

This will allow you to introduce yourself to new viewers, tell them what kind of content you expect from your YouTube channel and when new uploads will be made.

Keep in mind that YouTube trailers are limited.


6. 6.

YouTube’s motto is “Show, Don’t Tell”. You can share all information about your brand and channel. But, it’s not enough. Show your viewers a highlight reel to make them want to watch the videos on your channel.

These should be highlights taken from your actual videos. This will help you avoid unsubscribe down the line if your videos aren’t as expected by new subscribers.

Don’t be afraid if you don’t have the time to provide your audience with all the information they require and highlight reels. Both can be done simultaneously. Will Smith’s YouTube channel trailer is basically one huge highlight reel.

You won’t be able to use extreme highlights for a small business. However, you can use brief scenes.Show your viewers the tone and nature of your videos.Are they educational, funny, serious, relaxing? Funny, educational, or actionable?

These are some highlights for your business:

  • Bloopers and other funny clips
  • These clips show you the many ways that information can be presented in interesting ways
  • You’ll interview industry leaders in these clips
examples of highlight clips you can use for your youtube channel trailer

If you already have videos published on your channel, this will be simple. Select one of your most memorable clips and add it to your channel trailer.

Your YouTube channel trailer can be used to tell your viewers what to expect and what to look forward to from your videos.

We now come to the final and most important tip.

6. Stockpile videos beforehand

If you don’t have any videos, there won’t be any highlights. They don’t all have to be published. However, they should support your claims.

SearchLab’s YouTube channel homepage lets you see the thumbnails of videos and learn about local SEO.

youtube channel homepage with thumbnails

SearchLab’s YouTube channel homepage

Note also that video thumbnails are an excellent YouTube SEO tactic.


7. Take viewers on a journey

Humans tend to gravitate towards others, so displaying your personality in front the camera can help you make deeper and more meaningful connections with new people.

This is where storytelling comes in. Channel trailers that take viewers on a journey are the most successful.

Do more than just provide information. Take viewers on a journey, and tell their story.

This includes everything, from the reason that you started your channel to your topics and everything in-between. Stories are captivating!

These are some of the benefits of storytelling:

  • ItHits the emotional quotient;
  • It makes it much easier to do soYour personality will be displayed;
  • It is keeps your viewers engagedAre you looking for more?
  • It also comes with a warrantymakes your content more memorable.

When you tell personal stories in a fun, fresh, and relatable way, people feel like they know you, which ultimately leads to more subscribers to your channel.

Here’s a YouTube trailer that takes viewers on a thrilling journey.

8. End your subscription CTA

You’ve provided enough reasons for viewers to subscribe if you followed the tips. You still have to ask.

Here are some common subscribe pitches:

  • “Be sure to click the subscribe button.”
  • “If this sounds appealing, subscribe to my channel immediately”
  • Subscribe now to avoid missing anything
  • “Now it’s time for you to subscribe!”

It doesn’t matter what you phrase your pitch in , but it should be clear and consistent with your brand.

Create Awesome YouTube Channel Trailers with These Tools

Creating an enticing YouTube channel trailer takes work, but don’t lose sleep over it! There are many tools available, but I’ve chosen three to simplify things.

9. Biteable

BiteableIt is an affordable tool to create stunning YouTube videos. It includesThere are hundreds of customizable templates available to choose fromYou can also add your personal touch to your footage, music, and images.

youtube channel trailer tools--biteable homepage

10. InVideo

InVideo is a user-friendly online tool that helps you edit and create YouTube videos with ease. You can choose from many templates, add music from the stock audio library, images and GIFs.

invideo youtube video creator homepage

This tool allows you to explore your ideas and create professional videos, even if it’s just for beginners.

InVideo can be used to create any type of channel trailer, from adding subtitles to YouTube videos to voiceovers.


11. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a powerful–and free–video editing tool that you can use on both PCs and Macs. This program is easy to use and simple enough for anyone with no editing experience.

youtube channel trailer tools wondershare's homepage

If you’d like to see even more options, most of the YouTube editing software listed here can be used for both creating trailers and editing videos.

Get to work on your subscriber-generating YouTube channel trailer

Having a channel is a great way to promote your business on YouTube, so make sure you have a trailer that promotes your channel! Follow these eight tips and try out these three tools to create an awesome YouTube channel trailer that can build a brand with a loyal following:

  1. Step into your viewers’ shoes
  2. Make sure your script is well-structured
  3. Captions and clips are recommended
  4. High quality graphics and music are included
  5. Keep it brief
  6. Highlights
  7. Stockpile videos beforehand
  8. Take viewers on a journey
  9. End with your subscribe CTA
  10. Biiteabel
  11. InVideo
  12. Wondershare Filmora


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