4 Common Myths About Display Advertising [Debunked]

There’s plenty of myths floating around about display advertising — a lot of which have led people to wonder whether it’s actually worth spending their time and money on.

Display advertising has had several transformative years, with new technologies popping up to make it a much more effective tool than previously. However, it hasn’t been able to shake its bad rap.

This might have been true of the”spray and pray” ad buying methods previously, but modern screen advertising has the resources to achieve the target audience with greater precision than previously.

Today’s programmatic technologies make it possible for marketers to establish retargeting campaigns, which use machine-learning algorithms to collect and assess user behavior.

More than 70% of marketers don’t apply this behavioral data, which is often in charge of lackluster results of the screen ads.

By leveraging this information through a retargeting effort, you can be certain your advertisement reaches people who are most likely to become clients.

It is a common myth that display ads do not lead to more conversions — merely an increase in brand awareness.

The mistake here often lies in using a last-click conversion, that gives credit to the click before buy .

With just 31% of consumers clicking directly through an ad, this metric fails to include all the users that ended up making a purchase in the future.

To more accurately quantify the conversions attained from a screen advertising campaign you need to use post-view conversions, which accounts for all the purchases made in a particular time frame after the advertisement has been viewed.

Modern reporting systems make it possible for marketers to effortlessly assess the results of the campaigns with simple to use, transparent dashboards.

With this real-time information, campaigns could be adjusted throughout to ensure ads are reaching their desired goals.

I’m confident you’ve seen a few of those gloomy numbers floating around claiming to be evidence that screen advertising is a bad investment.

These are obsolete beliefs, since there are lots of recent innovations, such as programmatic, that make display advertising a cheaper option than ever.

To put it into perspective, let us compare some metrics from programmatic and traditional campaigns.

Programmatic technologies have made screen advertising an extremely effective and cost-effective alternative.

As opposed to buying advertising space and expecting the ad is getting to the right person — with programmatic you understand it’s.


Do not be fooled by the myths floating around the web.

Display advertising is quickly advancing to become a crucial part of any integrated marketing strategy.

By leveraging programmatic technologies, today’s marketers can be certain their electronic advertisements are more powerful than ever.

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