6 Best Real Estate Lead Generation Websites for 2021

A lead generation strategy is essential to succeed in real estate. Websites that provide real estate leads can be a great way to get qualified leads to your mailbox. We evaluated many platforms and selected the top six real estate lead generation sites based on lead quality, ROI, and customer service.

Real Estate Lead Generation WebsitesBest for
Zillow Premier Agency(Best Overall) Agents who wish to use the largest real-estate website to obtain qualified leads
Realtor.comMembers of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), include agents, teams, or companies.
HomeLightAgents who wish to use a website with a custom algorithm for qualified leads
NextdoorAgents who want to establish a reputation in their community for the lowest possible price
UpNestAgents looking to be placed on a lead generation site with access to a personal advisor
PlacesterAgents looking to create their own IDX website to generate leads are encouraged to do so.

How We Evaluated Real Estate Lead Generation Websites

There are many lead generation websites and companies that specialize in real property. Each one offers a different way to generate and convert leads. To determine which website is the best for real estate leads generation, we evaluated their price, lead quality and exclusivity. We also looked at customer reviews and support.

Based on:

  • Potential return of investment: While the websites that generate leads are not able to give an exact dollar amount per lead, we have carefully chosen platforms that have a track record of providing high potential returns relative to cost.
  • Lead quality Not all people who click on your advertisement or profile will make a real-estate transaction. It is important to focus your lead generation strategy only on those who are actively looking for agents and have plans to purchase or sell property in the near future. You can connect with leads who are more qualified and likely to convert through the lead generation websites.
  • Advertising opportunities: Websites must offer advertising options for proactive leads generation. Agents can then funnel targeted traffic to their website or profile. We selected tools that allow you to run ads.
  • User reviews: It is important to see how users have reacted to these websites. Although we couldn’t find all reviews from sellers and buyers in some cases, it is important to identify the experiences of potential clients.
  • Customer service: Agents may face challenges in connecting with leads or making transactions. Each entry on our list required at least one customer support channel (phone, email or online).

While all these websites can be great for connecting with potential clients and establishing your brand, there are many other ways to generate leads within real estate. Get our free guide to find out more.Free Guide: How to Generate High-Quality Real estate Leads Get My Guide


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Zillow Premier Agent: The Best Real Estate Lead Generation Website

Zillow Premier Agent (ZPA) is a real estate lead generation tool offered by Zillow, the No. 1 real estate site in the U.S. The service puts your contact information on listings, making you more accessible to buyers and sellers. It also includes a free IDX website and customer relationship management (CRM) software. ZPA is best for real estate agents and brokers seeking leads secured primarily through placement on Zillow.com.

Strengths of Zillow Premier AgentZillow Premier Agent Weaknesses
Includes extensive agent trainingInsufficient follow-up tools, such as drip campaigns,
Exclusive placement on listingLeads cannot be qualified
You can reach potential buyers via multiple real estate sites in addition to ZillowCan be very expensive

Zillow Premier Agent Pricing

  • On average, leads cost between $20 and $60 per lead. However, the cost of lead can be much higher than $100
  • Pricing is determined by the ZIP code, home prices and competition from other agents.
  • Advertising fees may be subject to additional charges

Zillow Premier Agent Features

  • Listings featuring featured placement
  • Reach your audience via Zillow, Trulia StreetEasy and Hotpads
  • Integrated CRM with lead tracking
  • IDX Lead Capture Website with a Custom Domain Name
  • The Customer Experience Report will help you track your performance
  • Access to a blog and agent toolkit. Leave conversion scripts. Training. Support by phone or text.

How ZPA members appear on Zillow.com

What Zillow Premier Agent Users Think

Zillow’s lead qualification process is not followed by the sending of leads to customers. Some complain about ZPA’s customer support and inaccessible ZIP codes. However, Zillow is the market leader and ZPA’s features are a huge asset to agents. They report a high return on their investment (ROI). Find out how Zillow Premier Agent works to generate real estate leads.

Zillow Premier Agent

Realtor.com: The Best Lead Generation Website For NAR Members

Realtor.com is a real estate marketplace website and app where National Association of Realtors (NAR) members can create a profile. It also boasts being visited by as many as 86 million unique users in June 2020, meaning it is a great place to be seen for improved credibility. However, Realtor.com also offers multiple lead generating products, as well as high traffic, which is why this is a great lead generation website for agents and teams who are NAR members.

Strengths of Realtor.comThe Weaknesses of Realtor.com
Numerous lead generation products and optionsMany ZIP codes are not available
One of the most popular real estate appsCan get expensive
Only for real estate agentsBefore reaching out, customers don’t know you.

Realtor.com Pricing

Prices are not available on Realtor.com and lead prices can vary by ZIP code. According to third-party sources, leads can range in price from $200 to $1,000.

Realtor.com Features

  • Connections Plus allows agents the ability to buy exclusive and non-exclusive leads within their zip code
  • You can create paid ads on Realtor.com or Facebook by using Local Expert
  • Advantage Brand puts your brand on your Realtor.com listings
  • Top Producer Real Estate Websites and CRM offer you single-property free websites and a CRM to manage leads
  • Automated follow-up of leads
  • Support is available by phone or online via the customer service line

How NAR members appear on Realtor.com

What Realtor.com users think

G2 has a rating of 4.0 for Realtor.com’s lead-generation tools. Most customers who reviewed the service were very satisfied with its functionality and ROI. They also stated that leads generated by Realtor.com are more likely than those from other sites to convert, and that the interface was simple to use. Others complained that the prices were high and the MLS data sometimes wasn’t correct.

Visit Realtor.com

HomeLight: Best Real Estate Website for Prequalified Leads

HomeLight is a website that uses a proprietary algorithm to match homebuyers and sellers with the best real estate agent in their area. This algorithm makes it great as a real estate lead generation website because it ensures the leads you receive are not only looking for a real estate professional, they have specifically chosen to contact you. That makes HomeLight the best choice for agents who only want the most highly qualified leads.

HomeLight StrengthsHomeLight Weaknesses
Highly qualified leadsAgent profits are lower due to referral fees
There are no upfront feesYou will likely get fewer leads.
• Less competition

HomeLight Pricing

  • 25% Broker-to-Broker Fee at Closing

HomeLight Features

  • You can create a custom agent profile that includes highlights, recent transactions and certifications.
  • Mobile app
  • Phone support is available for customers

How professionals are featured on HomeLight

What HomeLight users think about it

Sitejabber gives HomeLight a rating of 4.71 out of 171 reviews. Most of the reviews are from sellers and homebuyers. While most customers were positive about the HomeLight agent, some had negative experiences with HomeLight agents. We couldn’t find any reviews left by agents.

Visit HomeLight

Nextdoor: Most Affordable Real Estate Lead Generation Website

Nextdoor is a networking website and app that helps connect you with people in your neighborhood. The social platform does this by letting you create a free Nextdoor business page or sponsor your neighborhood to position yourself as the go-to real estate expert in your local area. This makes Nextdoor a great real estate lead generation website if you want to focus on free or organic ways to gain visibility in your area.

Nextdoor StrengthsNextdoor Weaknesses
It is simple to useOne neighborhood can be sponsored by up to five agents
Reach your target audience easilyOnly online contact is available for customer support
Multiple ways to promote yourself for free

Nextdoor Pricing

Nextdoor doesn’t publish its advertising and sponsorship prices online as they differ by ZIP code. Nextdoor allows you to create a page for your real estate business.

Nextdoor Features

  • Sponsor your neighborhood to increase visibility
  • Paid advertising
  • It’s easy to create your own real estate page.
  • Post local deals
  • A ZIP code can only have five sponsors
  • Only online contact is available for customer support

Real estate listings on Nextdoor

Nextdoor: What do users think?

Trustpilot rates Nextdoor at 2.7. Customers who gave Nextdoor a high rating on Trustpilot said that it can be very useful. However, unlike other social networks, they have little or no control over the content shared within each community. Most negative reviews do not focus on the platform’s functionality or effectiveness, but rather the community within it.

Nextdoor is still a great website for finding real estate leads, despite the negative reviews. There are many ways to promote your business to people in your local area.

Visit Nextdoor

UpNest: The Best Lead Generation Website with a Personal Advisor

UpNest is a real estate platform where homebuyers and sellers can search for a real estate agent and maximize commissions. However, what makes it unique is that it is also the only real estate lead generation website on our list to provide you with an adviser to help you optimize your incoming leads. This makes UpNest best for agents who want the expertise of an adviser for more personal online lead generation.

UpNest StrengthsUpNest Weaknesses
There are no upfront feesAgent profits are lower due to referral fees
Personal UpNest advisorCompetitor for the lowest commission prices
Prequalified leads

UpNest Pricing

  • Refer a friend to get 30% off your closing

UpNest Features

  • Join for free
  • Your UpNest advisor will help you build relationships with clients and increase conversion rates
  • UpNest app allows you to track potential clients
  • Knowledge base of large agents to answer questions
  • Phone and email support are available to customers

How UpNest encourages buyers and sellers to contact you

What UpNest users think about it

UpNest currently has 153 reviews on Facebook, and a score of 4.6. Many of these reviews come from past buyers and sellers who have worked with an UpNest agent. The overwhelming positive feedback from clients shows that UpNest’s system allows for positive and successful transactions. HomeLight, on the other hand, had many unhappy customers.

Go to UpNest

Placester: Best for building your own lead generation website

Placester is a simple, all-in-one real estate website builder and marketing platform offering IDX websites with a CRM, marketing tools, and lead magnets. It is also a great real estate lead generation service as Placester allows you to easily create a real estate website that generates leads without being dependent on any other platform. NAR members get preferential pricing, making this a great choice for real estate agents looking for more control in terms of lead generation or those launching a brokerage and who need a branded website.

Placester StrengthsPlacester Weaknesses
AffordableLimited design options
Simple to use platformSearch Engine Optimization is not integrated
Unlimited pages and postsAdd-ons can be expensive

Placester Pricing

  • 30-day trial for free
  • Starter Plan: $64/month plus setup fee for NAR members who make an annual commitment
  • Advanced Plan: $120/month plus setup for NAR members who make an annual commitment
  • Office Builder Plan: $160/month with an annual commitment
  • For yearly plans, setup costs are waived; multiyear plans get discounts
  • Add $50 per month for content library access
  • Access to premium themes at $50 per month with an additional $50

* Monthly billing is possible, but it costs more. Non-NAR members pay 20% more for plans.

Placester Features

  • Simple to use interface
  • Mobile-friendly website integrated with IDX
  • Plug-and-play design
  • Lead capture capabilities
  • Integrated CRM with lead nurturing features such as drip campaigns
  • You can contact customer support by phone or email.

Placester’s lead generation and management tools

What users think about placester

Placester was well-received by reviewers. It is easy to use both on the desktop and in the app. The free trial allowed users to preview and create their IDX sites before they sign up for a paid subscription. Negative reviews are focused on the lack of customer service and simplicity of the platform. There is not much ability to modify or customize the website templates.


Bottom line

Agents can find leads that are likely to be interested in real estate and connect with them. These websites’ ROI and customer reviews are important factors in deciding which ones are best for you and the real estate team.

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