Best CPM Advertising Networks for Bloggers

Have you got a high-traffic site and are looking to market the footer of your website together with CPM ads?

HereI have put together a list of the greatest CPM ad networks that a publisher like it’s possible to join & start earning cash.

What are CPM ads?

CPM advertising pays you according to the number of impressions obtained on an ad.


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An “impression” signifies a single instance of an ad appearing in your website. This means that even though your readers are not clicking on your blog’s advertisements, with CPM ads, you can still get paid.

Notice: To make sure a much better income from CPM advertising, be sure to set them in prominent positions on your website.

You may find CPM ads quite appealing, but they work best for bloggers that get a high volume of traffic. If you are driving traffic in the region of thousands of visitors every day, then it’s possible to get a fantastic sum of money out of CPM ads.

Many CPM systems pay $1 to $10 per one thousand impressions (depending upon various factors).

If you’re interested in making money through CPM ads, here are the top CPM advertising programs which you can join to make money from your blog.

For a quick glance, these are the listed ad networks:

  1. PropellerAds
  2. HillTopAds
  3. AdBuff (Offering $25 as bonus if your site is approved)
  4. ClickADu (Do not use this with AdSense)
  5. Conversant Media
  6. Exponential

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