BigCommerce + Bolt One Click Checkout

Consumer expectations have changed. In the last two years, consumers have seen a rapid shift in their expectations of what they want from their shopping experience. Trends like buy now, pay later ( BOPI) are quickly gaining popularity.

The biggest trend in the landscape’s ecommerce landscape? It is payment processing. Shoppers expect seamless checkout when they add a product or service to their cart.

Technology has advanced to meet consumer expectations. One-click checkout is now one of the most convenient ways for merchants to provide a seamless experience for their customers. Bolt One-Click data shows that one-click checkout can increase conversions by 53%.

is dedicated to providing merchants with the tools they need to make ecommerce easy and stay ahead of consumer trends. We want our merchants to have a frictionless, high-quality experience on their website.


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We partnered with to integrate their solution into our powerful ecommerce platform. *

Frictionless Checkout = Higher Conversions

It is now more important than ever to shop online in one click. SalesForce’s new report shows that 56% of customers expect to be able to find what they need in just three clicks. Ecommerce websites must offer a clear path from purchase to avoid losing customers.

We quickly discovered that Bolt was well-received by purchasers when we first integrated it on our platform. Bolt was used to purchase 9% of Cyber Week items on our platform during Cyber Week 2020. Even though the integration is still in beta, it’s clear that users are drawn to Bolt because of its ease-of-use and convenience.

Lightning Fast Checkout with Bolt

Bolt has been a leading merchant solution since its inception.

1. Make sure you have your checkbook.

You can keep your guest checkout process running smoothly with EmbeddedOneClick. You can forget the hassle of filling out lengthy forms and remembering passwords. Bolt allows shoppers to check out in one click from their store.

2. In minutes.

One-click checkout is possible with simple configuration. Just turn on Bolt in your BigCommerce control panel’s Payment Settings page, then connect your payment processor.

3. Integrations.

Bolt offers over 160 pre-built integrations for payment processors, other payment methods, tax and shipping.

4. Benefits of network and data

Logging into the Bolt merchant dashboard will give you business insight on network-driven transactions. You can also access data about network-driven sales volume and account creation.

5. There is no GMV requirement

Bolt is now available for all BigCommerce merchants, regardless of their annual online sales volume.

Great for Merchants and Consumers Similar

Bolt’s One Click Shop is not just for merchants. Bolt is used by millions of people all over the world to enhance their shopping experience, regardless of where they are buying from.

1. Access to the Bolt network

After a customer has signed up for the Bolt Network, they are able to shop among all merchants within the network quickly and easily.

2. A personalized post-checkout experience.

Bolt customers can be personalized by merchants. This can lead to more customers, but it can also result in happier customers over the long-term.

The Final Word

Are you willing to make your checkout process more user-friendly and increase conversion rates? Bolt One Click checkout allows you to join millions of customers worldwide and open storefronts around the globe.


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