Copy other people to succeed

Digitalization, which is often associated with the skillful use of technology in different operating models, has a rare feature: It transfers insights from one area to another at an amazing speed.

However, the digitalisation’s apparent unlimited potential and employees’ limited skills create a feeling of intimidation at work. Employees feel they must keep up with the pace of change and learn new skills.

Multipliers are a highly-regarded and new group of professionals.

Good practices can be a boon

Multiplying is often confused with copying. This unfortunate connotation has an adverse effect on everyday speech.

Multipliers are not copier types. They see themselves as people who can use established methods to expand their skill sets. They don’t want to be tied to one sector because there is no way to duplicate. They may even start to copy their slogans, which is a terrible thing that many organizations will find familiar.

Multiplying, from a digitalization perspective, means scaling up and maximizing proven benefits. It is therefore a sensible move in all aspects.

Understanding different perspectives

Workers were encouraged to pick their areas of expertise in the past. While this is still true for many occupations, it can be problematic for those who work with digitalization.

Future leaders will be keen to see what is happening in other industries. It is important to quickly take the best and tried-and-true learnings forward, or to reproduce best practices. Replicating best practices can make them even better.

Today’s economic history is the best. There has never been so much learned from other industries. Best of all, these lessons have not been limited to economic life but also serve the larger society. Digitalisation promotes understanding and cooperation, at its best. Copying has become easier thanks to digitalization!

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