Double the Opportunity: The Beauty of a Store-Within-A-Store

Pop-ups do not have to break the bank. And they don’t need to be miles away . More and more, we are seeing retailers setting up dedicated new space for new partners — all within the convenience of their shops. These store-within-a-store, or”shop-in-shops,” are mutually beneficial approaches to reach — and participate — consumers.

The idea isn’t totally new (believe Sephora kiosks at JCPenney and Best Buy’s Samsung and Microsoft segments ). However, this notion, for the most part, stays greatly untapped. There’s ample potential for creative, effective partnerships and, as we like to say, co-shopperation. And the results could be sensational.

Share wow and influence shoppers

From a practicality standpoint, the company model of a store-within-a-store is reasonable. As a merchant, you are getting the benefits of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and the delight of a pop-up for a significantly lower price. Retailers don’t need to pay for another pop-up location and brands do not need to sign a costly rental to have the more exclusive brick-and-mortar presence.

This is especially beneficial for cross-generational influence. An established retailer like Neiman Marcus generally has an older demographic that was shopping at the series for ages. Partnering with a brand new, exciting brand such as Glossier or Allbirds can entice millennials and the younger, more sought-after Gen Z. The in-store pop-up is a fantastic way to introduce new shoppers into your store and wow them.

These in-store pop-ups also allow for genuinely exciting experiences for customers. Club Monaco has been quite active in this region, rotating three pop-ups through its flagship store in New York since last December. Through these pop-ups, they have been able to provide shoppers personalized experiences. By way of instance, during their pop-up (or, store-within-a-store) using The Buff, a customizable skincare company, Club Monaco provided their clients one-on-one skin care consultations along with a unique and individualized experience.

If the partnership actually sings, it may be an opportunity for a protracted relationship. You are also effectively creating a community of connected brands which could create powerful opportunities for years to come.

Tell a creative story

Pop-ups are hotbeds for imagination — it is about making a splash. And nowhere is there more room for innovative thinking than in symbiotic partnerships.

When you think about daily life, the products we use overlap. When we cook, we are not just using food components; we are surrounded by kitchen appliances (blenders, knives, ovens), home improvement products (decorations, furniture, lighting), technology (tablet for recipes, speakers for audio ) and perhaps even small Fido’s toys and meals (simultaneous dinner, anyone?) .

Cross-category partnerships can effectively capture these subconscious overlaps in enticing ways — and create chances for two apparently disconnected manufacturers to make a larger splash together.

Imagine you are at Home Depot looking for a refrigerator. You get to the Kitchen section, peer to the various styles and are surprised to realize that they are fully stocked with goods from Trader Joe’s. Next to the toaster are the ovens, and you are very happy to see a pre-made meal cooking off — along with the requisite Trader Joe coupons within easy reach!

Perhaps Home Goods continues this trip with a perfectly set table, glasses, cutlery and all, surrounding the delicious Trader Joe’s meal at the middle.


These partnerships are just surprising for a minute until you understand that the goods all go together. The products work seamlessly together — improving the shopper’s experience, and, even better, permitting them to envision interacting with and using the goods in their everyday lives. On the strategic planning side, it enables both retailers and new partners to experiment with new classes

Ensure seamless cooperation and cooperation

The store-within-a-store does not come without challenges. Many manufacturers have pointed fingers at retailers, claiming they’re difficult to utilize .

To make the most of the partnership, you need to make sure it’s just that: a partnership. You should not enforce complete authority over displays and signage, but instead, work collaboratively to create the pop up true to the brand’s roots and the most sensational it could be.

When retailers work with a different brand, they must share the power. The bigger stores wish to encourage the excitement and impact which the smaller brand can deliver. The experience has to be beneficial for all parties.

Co-shopperation is a gorgeous thing — when done right. In Medallion Retail and MR Pop-Up, we are experts at honing in on innovative partnerships and maximizing their potential for unique, successful internal pop-ups.

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