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Are you planning to get a deep insight into the ways how AdSense versus Ad Exchange? For that, it is very much essential to have a good understanding of basics along with monetization products by Google and Programmatic Advertising.

What are Various Types of Products by Google Ad?

There are three different types of products that are related to Google Ad. They are none other than the followings:

  • Google AdSense
  • AdX (Ad Exchange)
  • Google Ad Manager

Why Sign Up with Google Ad Manager?

Accessing products of Google is not at all a very big challenge. But people waiting for a long time to access Google Ad Exchange you need to sign up at Google Ad Manager followed by configuring the same properly.

The exponential growth of the ad tech ecosystem must be appreciated. Do you know why? Yes, publishers can now easily establish their connections with numerous media buyers available all across the planet. Also, they can easily reap benefits of programmable advertising in the best possible manner.

What is Google AdSense All about?

Google AdSense is arguably one of the highly recognizable ad networks known among publishers. It helps them in the best possible manner to monetize all their ad inventories creatively. Though a reliable platform, Adsense is inclusive of some limitations that include:

  • Restricted support to language and sources
  • Zero Transparency
  • High fee for middlemen
  • Lack of highly innovative formats for advertisements

To meet the needs of all types of publishers, Google successfully introduced its Ad Exchange version. It is the most recognizable step in the field of monetization.

What is Ad Exchange All About?

Google Ad Exchange is an exclusively programmatic marketplace that serves as the middle man in between publishers and advertisers. Also, this Ad Optimization place facilitates them to trade openly in real-time with both platforms that include:

  • Supply side
  • Demand side

Like other ad exchanges, Google Ad Exchange is a marketplace that will offer buyers with a pool of ad impressions to all buyers through real-time open bidding. But unlike AdSense, it can hardly be integrated inside a website.

To be precise, publishers can hardly access the AdX platform without the assistance of ad server platform of Google. Hence, if you want to enjoy benefits of AdX, then it is very much essential to have an account with the ad server.

What Makes AdX a Better Option Over AdSense?

It is clear that both AdSense and Ad Exchange help publishers to establish their connections with millions of advertisers followed by generating revenue. Still, AdX is a better option over AdSense due to the following reasons:

  • Highly demanded – With the help of Google AdSense, publishers will be able to display their advertisements from Google Display Network and Google-certified Ad Networks only. But, with Google Ad Exchange; publishers will be able to access demand side platforms that do not belong to Google certified Ad SSP Networks.
  • High transparency – Google Ad Exchange lures publishers as well as advertisers by providing high transparency. It permits publishers to create their inventory that are defined as Branded, Anonymous or a combination of both. Publishers can hide their details easily from partners. The same is not available with AdSense.
  • Has partnership with top providers of technology – Unlike AdSense, Google Ad Exchange holds partnership with top providers of technology. It has facilitated publishers in terms of ensuring brand safety and better user experience. Also, as a publisher you can take full benefits of in-built filtering and blocking features.
  • Easy to expose premium ad inventory – With the help of Googls AdX in partnership with Boogle Ad Manager, publishers can easily expose premium ad inventory to a wide number of advertisers and enjoy guaranteed deals. But AdSense does not permit publishers to set the minimum floor prices. Google AdX permits the same!
  • Get paid at the end of the month – With Ad Exchange, publishers will get paid as soon as the month comes to an end. You need not wait for too long. But in AdSense, the case is just the reverse. There publishers need to stall themselves for many days to get their payment processed.

Along with the aforementioned benefits, Google Ad Exchange will lure users with advanced feature of reporting. It enables publishers to have a thorough check on the performances of ad exchanges and other partners.

After you are familiar to some exclusive benefits of AdX over AdSense, it is high time to know the eligibility to access the account of the former.

What are Eligibility Criteria to Meet Prior Accessing AdX Account?

Google AdX does not accept any publisher directly into its exclusive platform. If you want to consider yourself as a vital part of this account, then it is essential to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • High traffic – If you want to become a preferable Partner with Ad Exchange, then you must have more than ten millions of views on your website on a monthly basis. At least, five millions of views is the minimum requirement.
  • Relevant content – AdX is very much particular about the type of content available on the website. To access the platform without any interruption, make sure that the content is not forbidden. Also, it must not promote illegal activities in any manner. You need to be careful about languages that are not supported by Ad exchange.

Does your website hardly meet any of the above mentioned requirements? Relax! Still, you can get access to AdX even after having lesser number of views.

Get Access to AdX with Less than 5MM Views

Sounds surprising! Isn’t it? Yes, it is possible to access the page of Google Ad Exchange even after having less than five million monthly views on your website. You may take assistance from Google NPM partners.

The moment you get access to the account of AdX, it will become easy to add this default account along with AdSense to the Ad Manager. It will help in accepting demands from both ad network and exchange. ‘

Afterwards you are supposed to link both the accounts to the account of Ad Manager by Google.

Steps to Link Google Ad Exchange Account with that of Ad Manager

Once you are done with signing up with Google Ad Manager followed by procuring the access to AdX, linking the same will seem to be a small cup of tea. Also, it will become easy to serve all advertisements on remnant inventories.

If you are not familiar with linking an Ad Exchange account with the server of Google Ad, no worries! Following the steps below will be of great assistance:

  • Signing in to the platform of Google Ad Manager
  • Supplying the publisher ID of the AdX account
  • Entering the display name along with the email address used to in Ad Exchange
  • Filling up all additional details like Zip code, last 4-5 digits of your contact number etc.
  • Clicking on the save option will conclude the entire procedure

Steps to Serve Ads from Multiple Partners

Once you are done with signing up with the Ad Exchange account followed by adding the same to Google Ad Manager along with AdSense; you are only few steps away from serving advertisements to multiple demand partners. To start with, you need to create and define Ad Exchange in the Google Ad Manager.

  • Vital steps include the following:
  • Signing in to the Google Ad Manager account
  • Clicking on the option of “Create a New Order”
  • Adding a line item along with selecting the type as Ad Exchange
  • Finally, clicking on the Save option

Header Bidding is an Effective Way to Add More Ad Exchanges

Are you on your way to explore Google Ad Exchange, then it is better to start using header bidding. It is a fact that Google Ad Exchange will not at all compete with AdSense. There are numerous ways, but none of them are as effective as header bidding. It has been recognized to add more number of Ad Exchanges followed by enabling competition in the best possible manner.

Google Ad Exchange Can Bring the Best Revenue for Inventories

As Google Ad Exchange is a globally recognized platform, it will truly help in bringing the best revenue for all remnant inventories. It has paved the pathway to expose ad inventories to a wide range of advertisers in real time. It is possible for publishers to leverage the solution of Google AdX for optimizing and monetizing ad impressions.

Is your site big enough and growing constantly? If yes, then it is high time for you to get in contact with a reliable Google Account Manager. It will truly be of great assistance.

Partner with a Third Party to Get Access to Google Exchange Account

You may also partner with a third-party of your desirable choice to get access to Google Ad Exchange. For third parties, Google runs the following:

  • Scaled Partner Management
  • Google Publishing Partner

They will help them to become authorized partner of Google. You may also access Google AdX demand through such exclusively meant resellers. These authorized partners will resell you the Google AdX even after you are getting no more invitation from Google.

Most of the partners will charge few percentages of their ad revenues that are generated via AdX on a monthly basis. It is a good option as you will get an exchange access. It is absolutely a very good option to sell ad impressions via the option of ad exchange by Google.

Your revenue will observe an appreciable growth whenever you are making Google AdX to compete with other global exchanges. It will truly help in increasing your revenue up to an appreciable percentage someday.

What are Some Remarkable Benefits of Google Ad Exchange?

Ad Exchange has been designed for top brand advertisers and premium publishers. It is a highly consolidated source of demand from all across the online ad purchasing market. There are uncountable numbers of benefits of Google AdX over other demand sources. Some of the highly remarkable ones include the following:

  • Easy to avoid conflicts through channel – AdX is very much helpful in avoiding cannibalizing premium sales by simply running anonymous ad tags. It prevents premium advertisers from buying ad impressions at cheaper rate.
  • Easy utilization of additional tools – The Google AdExchange helps in utilizing additional tools for further increasing your RPM performance. Also, it ensures getting High CPM without undergoing too many hassles.
  • Fast payment options – Adx has enabled the option of receiving monthly payments anywhere in the world via online channel, Hyperwallet and PayPal. You need not stall yourself for long to get your payment in your hands.
  • Easy linking up the Google Analytics account – With AdX, you can easily link you your Google Analytics account. This High CPC platform will help in making data driven business decisions on the basis of advertisement and website performance.
  • Highly advanced technology for targeting – Google Adx is known for being among highly sophisticated targeting technologies that produces highly engaging ads. It will be a good option for all looking to enhance their monetary position through reliable channels online.

Google Ad Exchange is the only ad exchange option that will offer real time access to major demandable sources. The mixture of all types of complex targeting technology will truly lead to better performance. You may utilize additional tools for optimization on a round-the-clock basis for maximizing all your ad revenues.

Start utilizing the exclusively designed Google Ad Exchange platform to gain access to uncountable benefits available online.