How can I get Google AdSense to put higher-paying ads on my site?

The three largest factors that you have control over that influence the payout rate of ads that you receive through AdSense are the content of your site, the nature of your audience (which could be affected by how you share, market, or market your website ), and on-site consumer behavior which is affected by your site’s design.

I will break these down:

Content – Some topics pay more than others. In my experience, writing about anything which can be sold online, will cover more than things that cannot be. So, by way of example, although beer costs more than tea, because tea is sold online, the payout rates for ads tend to be greater than that for beer. Therefore a website about beer will be more difficult to monetize (requiring a higher amount of traffic for the same income) than a website about tea. Expensive items that could be sold online, like electronics, often cover particularly well. The regional variations can be intense, especially once you consider that the internet is global.

For example, I run an English-based tea site, RateTea, and English-speaking people are interested in tea in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, and India. Another example can be age and income. If you are primarily attracting younger teenagers or other demographics that are not really spending much money online, you probably won’t earn as much money in the long-run as if you’re managing to target or attract people who invest a whole lot of money online, because these people will not be interested in the ads that cover the most. Sometimes, targeting an older demographic could be rewarding.


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Behavior – The design of your site matters, because it can affect both click-through rate, and how much time people spend on a site (and thus how many ads they see). In my experience, user behavior is complex, varied, and requires considerable work and experimentation to understand, and even then you will not ever understand it completely.

A lot of it’s trial-and-error. Sometimes I’ve earned more money by putting more ads on a webpage or putting them in a more prominent location, but at other times I’ve earned more money by eliminating ads or placing fewer ads or even less obtrusive ads. Also, optimizing your website for different viewport sizes and device types is crucial. I boosted by income by over 30% when I did a thorough overhaul of my website which enhanced the serving of ads on mobile devices with narrow layouts. Much of the increase in income came from elderly iPhone users and other mobile users with very narrow screens; I had underestimated the importance of those users in my bottom line and when I started to look at data on viewport sizes for my traffic, I understood its significance and acted quickly to address it.
Also, occasionally, ads aren’t the best way to earn money.

If you run a company that sells a product or service, you probably don’t want to concentrate on making money from ads, you want to sell whatever product or service you sell. It will rarely be more lucrative to make money on ads on this site, and sometimes, serving ads can actually hurt you, for example if your competitors are advertising on your site. You can prevent this by reviewing individual ads, filtering out ad categories, or utilizing geographic targeting or alternative targeting to choose whether or not ads are served at all (as an example, if you are a local business, serving ads only to traffic from outside your area ), but this can get complicated and you likely aren’t likely to profit as much from doing so because you would by putting energy into other elements of your company.

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