How Etsy’s Shipping Policy is Beneficial to You

Amazon’s shipping policies seem to make it harder for sellers. Etsy is the latest online marketplace that offers free shipping. Shops on Etsy will now be able to offer free shipping. Shops that offer free shipping for orders over $35 will appear in the top rows of site search. US shoppers will see most items that ship free of charge in their search results.

Amazon has been around since 1998They have announced that they will offer one-day free shippingPrime members have seen many retailers struggle to keep up with the shipping demands. One-day shipping is not only expensive but also adds work for employees. Consumers expect expedited or free shipping. If a retailer does not offer this, they will likely move their business elsewhere.

The stakes are high research shows that orders with free shipping options are on average about $80Value is 30% higherOrders that include shipping charges are more expensive than those that don’t. Online buyers are encouraged by 93% to purchase more products if they have complementary shipping options. 58% of shoppers add more items to their carts to be eligible for free shipping. It is becoming more difficult for indie retailers to offer more shipping options, as the stakes are high.

Josh Silverman, Etsy CEO, summarized the decision.Business InsiderOn the launching these new free shipping incentives, I said “I don’t know that we ever lose on shipping.” We have to stop losing.” Etsy’s website features mostly handmade sellers, which are less likely than other websites to offer shipping free of charge since they are custom-made or can be customized.

Andrew Lipsman is an ecommerce analyst at eMarketer.Modern Retail“I think that the initial reaction of a lot sellers is that they feel like that burden will fall solely upon them,” this is a huge step for sellers, especially for those who are just starting out or don’t have much business experience.



New Change brings New Tools and Support

Etsy did not completely abandon their online sellers. Etsy announced that they would provide tools and support to sellers to ensure free shipping for US buyers who spend $35 or more in their shops. The ecommerce website didn’t specify what education they would provide sellers.

This initiative’s purpose is not to scare sellers away, as it may initially have. It’s meant instead to empower sellers to better meet buyer expectations, and more effectively win customers in today’s changing retail landscape. In May 2019, Etsy offered a limited-time free shipping promotion that resulted in higher order values for buyers who purchased items that were either free or eligible for free shipping. The company hopes to maintain those higher numbers through this marketing campaign that offers free shipping.

What will this change mean for you?

Etsy hosted a Q&A session on the company’s announcement shortly after the announcement.Etsy ForumAdministrator answered questions from sellers about how the change will affect them. There were many questions, but these are the main points you should take away.

  • Your listings that ship to the US are eligible for priority in US search as long as they’re free of charge. If a listing is part of an unconditional shipping sale or has its shipping price set to zero in a shipping profile you are all set.
  • If your Etsy seller offers free shipping for all or some of your products, consider setting up a free shipping guarantee. This will allow you to automatically offer free shipping to US buyers for any new listings that you create when they spend $35 USD or greater.
  • You can set up a conditional shipping sale that offers free shipping if you purchase $X or have a minimum number of items. These items won’t be given priority in search.
  • Buyers don’t always get free shipping on items they purchase. You may offer returns to buyers if you have the latest policies. This will ensure that they know what to do if they aren’t satisfied.

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How to Build Your Social Media Presence: Step-By-Step

Small businesses have been able to thrive thanks to the internet. It doesn’t take much for a start up retailer to put their products online thanks to Google, social media and websites. It’s quite the opposite.Pre-research is done by 88 percent of consumersCustomers make their purchases online before they buy in person. This means that your customers do a lot more online work than you might think.

One of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to promote your company online is through social media. It can help you engage with your customers and attract new customers. You just need to share a photo, or check in at your place. The status updates will be visible to all their friends. Instant publicity!

According toDuct Tape MarketingSmall businesses have an advantage when it comes marketing on social media. Engagement is the key to social media’s effectiveness. If a company does not engage with customers, then their marketing will be practically ineffective. If there is one thing that indie retailers are most skilled at, it’s creating personalized customer experiences.

Independent retailer has some key points to remember when marketing your business on social media.

Always include a photo with your post

Photos are an integral part of any social media marketing strategy. Photos are so vital thatContent with relevant imagesContent without images gets 94% more views than content with them. Think about how you scroll through Facebook and Twitter. If you see a nice photo, you are more likely to take a second to look at it rather than scrolling past it.

Customers are more likely than your friends to share a photo of a product, especially if it’s a product shot. While it’s important to include descriptions in your images posts, with the image-conscious consumer base of both Millennials as well as Gen Z, photos should be your main focus.

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Connect with your customers and make yourself available

One of the best things about social media is the ability for customers to communicate one-on-one via messaging. While it is important to keep your business number open for all who wish to call, some customers prefer to be able and quick to message with a question. It is also comforting to know that small businesses can be reached by customers, or at least a member of their team, rather than an automated robot.

Be prompt to reply to customers to keep their attention and let them know that you are there for them. Independent retailers can also handle more customer comments easily. Consumers are always welcome to share their opinions, questions, and comments. You can ask your customers to upload a photo of the product online if they are happy with it.

Collaborate with other retailers & small businesses in your area

This is particularly important for shops selling the same products as you shop. You don’t have to compete against each other. Instead, you can partner up with another business and offer coupons for customers who shop with your shop. This can not only help businesses in the area but can also keep customers loyal if they know that they are getting discounts.

For your social media followers to share these promotions with their friends, post about them on your social media accounts. You and other retailers can increase brand awareness, reach potential customers, and encourage people to shop from both of your businesses by teaming up. Camaraderie at its best!

Use Small Business Saturday to Gain Marketing Advantage

Small Business Saturday (SBS), a national event, promotes small businesses on Saturday after Thanksgiving. American Express created this day in 2010 to encourage small-business owners to shop locally. It has been steadily growing since then. American Express reported last year thatAn estimated 104 Million American consumersSupported local restaurants and retailers by spending $17.8 million on Small Business Saturday 2018.

SBS is becoming more popular, and more businesses are signing up. This makes it easier for small-scale retailers to take advantage of the high-end marketing done by the big guys. American Express advertises lots for the big day on social media. Follow them to repost their SBS marketing and make comments in support of your business.

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