How to create an email marketing strategy for your online store

All the bells and whistles ringing across the internet claim to have the secret to business growth, marketing, or making more money. Email marketing remains the most effective way for companies to communicate with customers and retains the top spot when it comes to ROI.

If you want to increase your revenue without spending a lot, then creating and implementing an effective email marketing strategy should be your top priority.

This article will help you increase your revenues if you don’t fully utilize email marketing in your business.

Let’s take a look at the keys to creating and implementing a great email marketing strategy.


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1. Establish a goal

Goal-setting is the foundation of any strategy. What are you looking to achieve with your email marketing? Sales? Awareness of the brand Product education should be thorough. Are there positive reviews? Perhaps it has several.

Be specific about your goals. What are your sales goals? How many reviews do you need? This will give you a concrete benchmark to aim for and help you track progress. “We’re halfway towards our monthly goal!”

Your strategy will be shaped by the setting of specific goals. This will allow you to determine to whomyou are sending messages, what those messages say and the actionsyou want readers to take.

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2. Define your audience.

Your goals will determine the audience you choose. Your goals will determine how many emails you send. You don’t need to reach every subscriber. Instead, you should target those most likely to respond to your message.

Focus on customers who have purchased in the past if you want to improve reviews. This will allow you to create two groups: those who bought recently and those who haven’t purchased in a while.With MailPoet, you can easily send emails based on previously purchased products.

To remind customers about recent purchases, highlight an item they purchased, or request a review, you can use MailPoet. Automated emails can be set up to send an email request to buyers within a few weeks of the transaction.

You’ll need to give more context to those who haven’t been active for a while to remind them about your brand. This is a great opportunity to re-engage them by offering your latest offers.

You can increase revenue by focusing on new customers rather than existing customers if you want to. You can give new customers more information, testimonials, highlight customer support channels, and emphasize any generous return policies. Emails to customers should be focused on upsells and related products/services. New product launches are also encouraged. Refer-a-friend programs should also be highlighted.

You can be more specific, the better. You might not email everyone about a product you don’t know is very popular. Instead, email only those who have purchased one. You’ve heard that they love the product, so offer to send them more at a great discount.

You can also expand your audience to include other shoppers in the same category if you feel this is not a good fit. They might still be more likely to purchase the item if it is similar to something they already like.

People love emails that are meaningful to them. They don’t like receiving a lot of spam emails. Each subscriber may only be contacted five times per month. By defining your audience, and only sending emails to certain groups, you can increase your performance and save your contacts for the most important emails.

3. Consider the frequency with which you send emails.

There’s no set number of emails that you should send within a certain time frame. It all depends on your business and the audience. If you have a membership that offers recipes for the week, it might make sense to send out an email every Monday with ideas for meals. You could also send out a summary of news and tips once per month if your target audience is busy.

It’s important to think about how much time you have available for writing emails that are effective. Is it possible to send out a newsletter each week and be consistent? Is it better to send it once per month? You don’t want your emails to be overpromised and underdeliver, or worse, poorly written or ineffective.

These are some tips to help you determine the frequency that is right for you:

  • Start with monthly emails to find out how it works for you and your audience. You will soon become more comfortable with sending consistent emails, and you can always increase frequency.
  • It is better to send less, more well-thought-out emails than more, quick-written, sloppy messages.
  • Automate your email and use templates to save time. (More on this later).

It may take some experimentation to find the right setting for you. To determine your effectiveness, you should be monitoring your email analytics and reaching out directly to subscribers to learn their preferences.

4. Establish a format/template

It’s not a good idea to create a new email template every time. This can make it difficult for customers and slow down your workflow. Instead, you should create templates and formats that can be used for each type of email you send.

There are two types: plain text and design.This text-based email from GameStop addressing the COVID-19 pandemic looks just like an email from a friend, which makes it seem more personal. View the full email .

Plain text emails are easy to create. They don’t usually look like marketing emails, which can help you attract attention. They can be dull and have limited options for product showcases. Without a visual reminder, people might not be able to remember your brand.This designed email from Minna grabs attention with bright colors and patterns. View the full email .

Designed emails provide more opportunities to grab attention and engage with customers. These emails promote your brand visually and have a consistent style, which reassures customers that they are coming from you. They can be reusable and include elements such as buttons, which can increase clicks. They can be tedious to make and require expert design skills to ensure mobile responsiveness.

Don’t worry if you aren’t a designer. MailPoet allows you to create visually appealing emails. They can be as simple or as complex as you like. as you’d like. Drag-and-drop editor allows you to place elements exactly where they are needed without having to write code. You can also save templates for later use!

5. Don’t just create sales pitches, but content that has value.

You can stand out among all the other emails in your subscribers’ inboxes by creating compelling content.

If each email you send is just another sales pitch it will be easy for subscribers to ignore your messages and mark you as spam. It’s important to provide value and showcase your products or services.

If you want to increase sales, consider how emails can build a relationship with customers and encourage them return. You can include how-to guides, product tutorials and exclusive views of new products.Barilla shares recipes using their products in this email rather than focusing on promotions. View the full email .

You should also consider informative and entertaining articles that are relevant to your audience. For example, if you sell camping gear and outdoor gear, make sure to include tips for hiking and camping. You don’t have to write original content. Link to articles from non-competing sites or work with influencers to create unique content you can use.

6. Multichannel approaches are the best.

Your overall strategy should make email one of the marketing channels that you use. People spend their time on many platforms. Your marketing mix should reflect how and where your audience spends their time.

Create exclusive email-only opportunities for your social media followers to encourage them to sign up to your mailing list. You can now reach them in multiple places! You can also reach them in the reverse direction. Include an option in your email for subscribers to sign up to receive a catalog or follow you on social media.

Make sure you use the same messaging and graphics on all channels to help your fans remember your brand and feel confident that they have reached the right place. You can reuse content from different platforms to make your work more efficient. You should make sure each platform has at least one unique and exclusive feature. This will give people a reason to follow your account in multiple places.

7. Take control and make improvements

It is important to take a step back from your day and evaluate what is working and what isn’t. It can be easy to forget about this task in the hustle and bustle of running a business. However, it is crucial to make your email campaigns more efficient.

Many platforms provide data about how well your messages engage subscribers. These are some tips to help you use this data to improve your strategy.

  • Keep track of your stats to make incremental improvements. It is possible that you notice a higher or lower level of engagement for emails on certain days and times. You might also notice that certain content types generate more clicks than other.
  • Review your content, process and strategy if you are getting high numbers of unsubscribes. You might be missing something! You could drive people away if they sign up for monthly emails but receive updates every other week.
  • Remember why you are sending email marketing campaigns. Are you reaching your goals? Are you ready to take a new approach? To make sure you are not off-track, check in often.

Heggerty includes a simple but attention-grabbing email capture in their footer.

8. Build your list

Without a quality subscriber list, email marketing is pointless. How do you build that list? These are some suggestions:

  • Your website should make it easy for people to sign up. It is important to have a prominent callout and a simple sign-up form. This should be added to every page’s homepage, sidebar or footer.
  • Try different locations for your forms. They could be placed in popups, banners or right in the middle of your blog content. But don’t be intrusive. You can find them here.
  • You can add a signup link to your checkout page.
  • Make sure to emphasize the benefits of signing-up. They will be notified about sales and other deals. Receive notifications about in-store events Subscribers only: Exclusive promotions
  • Introduce opt-in bonuses (e.g. Join our mailing list to receive 10% off your first order
  • Always get consent. You should not add anyone to your mailing list unless they have explicitly consented.
  • To encourage sign-ups, you can use your other marketing channels.

9. Automated processes can save you time

Email automation is like having a whole team of marketers who wait for the right time to send targeted messages to particular subscribers. The right message at the perfect time will yield stellar results.

This team does not take up any space in your office or, more important, your payroll. Once you have created automations, they work whenever you need them.

What kind of emails can you automate?

  • Welcome emails to help new subscribers get off to the right start
  • To recover sales from customers who have left without buying,
  • Receipts for a great post-purchase experience.
  • To encourage additional sales, Offers after-purchase
  • To provide customers with all information they need to use your products, first-time customers email
  • Subscribe to blog post notifications to keep your subscribers informed about the latest content.

10. Select the right email platform for your strategy

There are many email platforms available, each offering different benefits and features. You should take the time to compare the features and benefits so that you can choose the best one for your company, audience, budget, and needs.

You don’t need to be an email developer to use a drag-and drop builder. You can choose one that focuses only on email automation if you have limited time. You decide what priorities you want!

AutomateWoo can be used to run automated campaigns. MailPoet can be used if you wish to send both automated and regular emails.

Email has the power to change lives

Email is still one of the best ways to reach potential customers, keep existing customers happy, and expand your reach. It is essential to communicate regularly and thoughtfully in order to achieve success. You can only succeed with the right strategy and tools that help you work more efficiently.

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