How to Find the Best Dropshipping Niches in 2022

How to Find the Best Dropshipping Niches in 2022

First, you must choose a niche to start a dropshipping business. A niche allows you to target a specific audience and influences your marketing and content efforts. It also makes it easier for you to make better products for your ideal customers.

It can be difficult to choose the right niche for dropshipping.

Do you want to build a store around products that you are passionate about? Do you choose a niche that is popular in the US, or do you think globally? How can you tell if dropshipping products are going to sell?

These questions are not easy to answer.

The following guide will help you find the most lucrative dropshipping niches if you’re looking to open a dropshipping shop.

How to find a dropshipping niche

It doesn’t matter how great your business idea is, if there isn’t any demand. You won’t make any money if nobody buys your product. It’s easier to fulfill existing demand than it is to create it, according to the old saying.

A variety of online tools make it easy to gauge the demand for any product or market. This is particularly useful for finding profitable niches for dropshipping.

These tools will help you to grow your dropshipping company.

Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook is the most popular social media network worldwide. Facebook has more than 2.23 trillion active users per month, and the average American adult spends 38 minutes each day on the site. Facebook Audience Insights can be used to help you identify niche markets as well as trends.

Facebook Audience Insights, a free tool that allows you to learn more about your audience, is available for download. It gathers information from Facebook users to help you determine the size and interests of potential dropshipping niches.

Facebook Audience Insights can be used to locate information such as:

  • Demographics include age, gender and lifestyle.
  • Likes on pages: Topics and categories that are of interest to an audience
  • The location of where people live and what languages they speak
  • Activity: Clicked Facebook ads, comments made and promotions redeemed. Device use.

If you are looking for dropshipping niches like wellness and fitness, Facebook will allow you to type any keyword. It will then show you the number of people who are actively searching this niche globally. It is very similar to using an SEO tool to identify the best keywords for your content. It also allows you to see the interest of people in a topic and their preferences, as well as their geographic location.

Let’s take meditation as an example. Below you can see that meditation is a popular topic of interest to between 200 million-250 million people worldwide. This is a sign that meditation could be a lucrative niche for dropshipping.

Sub-niches can be explored, such as yoga pants and buddhist mediation, or any other related interests, to discover dropshipping products. Your interests will impact the size of your audience.

This audience can be further refined by their location. If you are looking to target people in the US for example, you can search only by that country and then view this more targeted audience’s top meditation interests in the Page Likes tab.

This information will help you identify the topics that people are most interested in, so you can test other ad groups and get a better return on your advertising spend.

Google Keyword Planner

It is the best way to gauge online demand for an item. This can be done by looking at how many people search for it on a search engine such as Google. Google’s Keyword Planner tool makes the search volume public. The tool will tell you how many people search for it each month by simply typing in a phrase or word. This tool can be extremely useful in shaping your business strategy or growing your online store.

Keyword Planner is a tool that can be used to create training modules. We are not able cover this topic in detail. Keep these three metrics in your mind, and you will be well on the way to making the most of this useful tool.

Match type. The Keyword Planner allows you to select broad, phrase or exact-match types for reporting search volumes. The exact-match option should be used unless you have good reasons to. This will provide you with a more precise picture of the relevant search volume for the keyword.

Search location. Be aware of the differences between global and local search volumes (in your country, or in a user-definable region). Focus on local search volumes if you are selling in the US.

Long-tail variants. It is easy to focus on broad terms with one or two words that receive large amounts of search volume. It’s actually the more detailed, specific and low volume search queries that get the most traffic from search engines. These search terms with more details are often called “long tail” searches.

This is a key point to remember when looking for niches and markets that you might want to enter. It’s a sign that the market is deep and has lots of interest and variety if there are many search terms. If search queries and related volumes drop precipitously after the first few high level words, then there is likely to be less long-tail traffic.

Google Trends

While the keyword tool can be used to generate raw search results, many people use Google Trends for more in-depth insights.

This tool provides information that Google’s Keyword Planner doesn’t, such as:

Trends show you the growth or decline in search interest over time. You can track the change in search volume for any search query.

The top and most rising terms. This will also give you a snapshot of the most searched keywords and the queries that are growing the fastest. These terms are useful for planning your marketing and SEO strategies. top and rising terms in Google Trends

Geographical concentration. Another feature is the ability see where people search for a term. This will help you determine where your customers are most concentrated in a particular niche. If you sell canoes, for example, it is important to identify where your majority customer base will be.

Seasonality. It is crucial to understand the seasonality of a market, which is the change in demand for a product at different times throughout the year. The keyword tool gives data on a monthly basis so you could draw misleading conclusions if the search volume is measured at the wrong time of the year.

Canoes are a seasonal search term, with peak demand in the summer months. You would grossly underestimate the demand if you calculated summer demand expecting it to be stable throughout the year.

You should spend some time researching the search volume of any niche you are considering purchasing a product. Google Trends will help you understand search volumes, geographic concentrations, high-level trends and seasonality. This will allow you to avoid costly errors and optimize your marketing efforts.

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Dropshipping is the most lucrative niche for 2022

Dropshipping is a popular niche for ecommerce businesses that are looking to make a profit and have the highest chance of success.

Our research into the top dropshipping products revealed the best niches to be in 2022.

  • Personal and health care
  • Accessory and Wardrobe
  • Kitchen and grocery
  • Bedroom and home
  • Products for the office
  • Tools and home improvements
  • Accessories for your cellphone and camera
  • Gaming
  • Accessories for cars

You can also research niche markets if you aren’t interested in any of the above niches. These dropshipping strategies will help you to find the best.

1. Look for accessory-heavy niches. Dropshipping niches with high-ticket sales are not a lucrative business. They will earn 5% to 10% for products such as TVs and laptops. Accessories are where they make the most money.

Customers are less sensitive to accessories’ price and enjoy substantial markups. While a buyer may shop for weeks to find the best TV deal, they might not hesitate to spend $30 on an HDMI cable from the exact same source. The cable is likely to make the business as much money as the flatscreen.

You’ll have a higher profit margin and less price-sensitive customers if you choose a niche that has many accessories.

2. Customers who are passionate about what they do. It is amazing to see how much passionate hobbyists will spend. To save a few pounds on a mountain bike frame, avid fishermen will spend tens to thousands of dollars on accessories and boats.

You’ll attract a captive audience if you offer a product-based solution for a problem.

3. Find trendy products that you don’t have access to locally. You would likely go to Lowe’s or Home Depot if you needed garden equipment. Where would you shop for surveillance equipment and accessories for magicians? Most likely online. You can target niche products that are difficult to find locally, and then you will be able reach the majority of your customers online through search engines.

You don’t want to be able to find the product locally. However, it is important to make sure there’s enough demand! This can be tricky. We’ll discuss the topic in the competition section.

4. You should look for niches that have low product turnover. You’ll spend valuable time on resources that are soon obsolete if your product line changes year after year. A product line that has a low turnover allows you to invest in a website with lots of information that will last for many years.

5. You should consider selling disposable or consumable products. It’s easier to sell to customers you already know than to new customers. If you can keep your customers happy and your product has to be ordered on a regular basis, then you will be well on your way to building a profitable company with recurring revenue.

The key is not finding a great product. Dropshipping niches that meet all of the criteria above would still be poor choices in the face if there is no demand or fierce competition. It is important to understand the product’s demand, competition and suppliers before making an informed decision.

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How to measure competition within your dropshipping niche

It can be difficult to conduct a competitive analysis of a market. Too much competition can mean that you will have trouble building traffic or competing with established players. Too much competition can lead to a small market, which will limit your ability to grow.

While some dropshipping shops use paid advertising to make a profit, most will rely on the free traffic provided by search engines for their business model. This is why it’s important to look at the organically-listed (i.e. not advertised) sites that appear on Google’s first page for a particular term. To generate decent traffic, you must compete with (i.e. outrank) other sites on Google’s first pages.

This dropshipping guide cannot cover the entire world of search engine optimization. We recommend Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO. You can also read our Business SEO checklist.

Number of linking domains

Google’s ranking algorithm is heavily dependent on links. Google’s ranking algorithm is based heavily on links. The more links a website receives, the higher it ranks in search results. You can get an idea of the amount of work required to earn and build links for your site to rank higher than your competitor by knowing how many links point to it.

There are many SEO metrics, but one is most useful for evaluating a site’s ranking strength: the number unique domains linking to it. This metric is also known as “linking root domains” (or “unique linking domains”) and it measures the number of unique domains that link to a site. It ignores duplicate links.

It’s useful to think of these links as personal recommendations in order to better understand the concept. You might remember a recommendation from your friend to eat at a restaurant. If he raves about it for seven days, you may be inspired to go there. However, even his enthusiasm wouldn’t be as strong if seven unrelated friends recommended the restaurant to him. Their recommendations are more trustworthy because they come from independent sources.

Analyzing links to sites is the same. Although a domain name may link to a website multiple times, it is only one recommendation. This is why common SEO metrics such as “total number” of links can be misleading when assessing a site’s strength. You can get a better idea of the difficulty of competing with a site by looking at how many unique linking domains. Google puts a lot of emphasis on unique linking domains.

Link Explorer is the best tool to obtain this figure. It provides valuable SEO metrics and data, including “linking roots domains”

You should pay attention to the link metrics of the top sites (#1 & #2 on Google) and the link metrics of the last site on Google’s front page (#10 Google). This will give an idea of the amount of work required to rank #1 and to get on the first page of search result pages. You should understand the difficulty of getting your site to rank there as most searchers click on one of the top ten results on Google.

This is a quick cheat sheet to help you understand the number of unique linking domains. These are just rough guidelines, but they should help you make sense.

  • From 0 to 50 linking domains For the most profitable markets, it is likely to be on the lower end. Sites with high quality content, focused marketing and SEO efforts should be able get 50 linking domains in a year.
  • You can find 50-250 linking root domains. This range is more realistic for sites with high rankings in niche markets of decent size. Although it may take several years to create a profile of backlinks in this range, it is possible. This profile is often the most competitive, particularly for individuals dropshipping or small teams.
  • 250+ linking root domains. Building up more than 250 links is a serious undertaking unless you are a skilled marketer or an SEO pro. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try it, but you should be ready to face established competition.

Competitors’ sites authority

Google considers more than just the number of links that a site has when determining its rank. Google also looks at the quality of these links when determining a site’s rank. A link from Mike’s Marshmallow blog with five readers will not count as much as one from The New York Times.

PageRank is the metric Google uses for assessing a page’s authority. Although it is not the only way to measure SEO metrics, it can be a quick way for you to see how important a page is to Google. Similar to unique linking sites, it’s possible to get an idea of the market’s competitiveness by looking at PageRank for top-ranked websites.

It is easiest to verify PageRank by looking at websites manually using PageRank.

Here’s how to quickly interpret PageRank readings on a website’s homepage.

  • PageRank 1 to 2 PageRank 1 to 2. A very small amount of authority. PageRank for the top websites is in this range. This indicates that there is a small market.
  • PageRank 3-4 This is a more common range for sites that rank highly in niche markets. This level of authority is not always easy, but it’s possible. Dropshippers usually find the highest work-to-reward ratio in these markets.
  • PageRank 4 to 5 This is a high level of authority. This level of authority requires you to have many links from authoritative, respected sites.
  • PageRank 6+ A full-time SEO and marketing department is already in place. You’ll need them in order to compete in a highly ranked market.

When researching for dropshipping stores, there are qualitative metrics you should consider.

While hard statistics such as PageRank and unique linking domains can help determine how difficult it will be for competitors to rank higher, it is also important to consider qualitative factors.

Site quality and utility. Try to imagine yourself as a customer visiting the top-ranked sites in a particular market. Are they welcoming and inviting? Or are they outdated and dated? Is it easy to find the search box or are they well-organized? Are they able to provide detailed product descriptions and high-quality information or does it require you to look closely to see the grainy images?

How likely are you to buy from these sites? If you find yourself overwhelmed by the top sites in a particular market, you might want to look at other markets. If there is a lot of potential for improvement, or if we see the opportunity to add value, that’s a good sign.

Reputation and loyalty of customers. A solid reputation for online businesses may be built on years of customer service and a beautiful site. Or, a site with the most beautiful design might be known for its poor customer service. It is difficult to judge a book’s cover.

To find out if a company has had any customer complaints, check with the Better Business Bureau. To see what people say on social media, in forums and online communities, you can also do a search via the internet. There might be a place that offers superior service if the top competitors are not providing the best service.

Important note about search results

Google personalizes search results based on where you are located, what you have browsed, and other factors. To understand the true competitive landscape in a market we need impartial results. If you live outside the United States and plan to sell to American customers, it is important to have access to search results. The ranked pages will be the ones you will be competing with.

These issues can be solved in two ways:

Incognito search. Chrome can be used to search the internet “incognito” if you are using Chrome. This mode will remove all personal settings and browsing history so that you can see how sites rank. Incognito browsing can be started by clicking “File > New Incognito Window” in the upper right corner of your browser or clicking the icon in your browser’s upper right corner and choosing “New Incognito Window.” Other browsers offer similar hidden search options that will clear your browsing record.

To force region-specific results. To see results for other regions, add text to the URL of a Google search result page.

If you wanted search results for US searches, but were not in the UK, add “=us” to the URL and hit Enter. Similar to above, if you are in the US and want to see UK results, add “=uk” to the URL.

This guide to geo-targeting with Google provides a detailed explanation on how to do this. Also, this list of country codes is available.

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How to succeed with your niche dropshipping company

Choosing a low-cost, in-demand dropshipping product is only one part of this equation. You will need at least one of these things to build a profitable dropship company:

Understanding your ideal customers

You might have trouble coming up with a niche-business idea. Consider this: Sometimes, you must find a customer before you can find a product.

Once you have identified the people you want to market to (and their pain points), you can start to narrow down what you are selling and how you plan to do it.

To determine your ideal customer and your unique selling proposition, first create buyer persons.

Looking at your life and interests is one of the best ways to locate a customer. Pick one of your passions, and go for it. It doesn’t matter if it’s an extracurricular or skilled activity.

Produce your own products

This means that you are the only source of the item and control its distribution. This allows you to charge more and limits competition. Dropshipping products is not an option if you plan to sell existing products made by another company.

Get exclusive pricing and distribution

You can sell your product online if you are able to arrange an exclusive deal to carry it, or if you have exclusive pricing from a manufacturer. Although these arrangements are difficult to make, there will be hundreds of dropship merchants who have wholesale access to the same goods and prices.

Sale at the lowest price

You’ll be able to steal business from large swathes of the market if you offer the lowest price. Problem is? This is a business model that’s doomed for failure. If you can offer no value other than a low price, then you will be trapped in a pricing war which will eat away virtually all of your profits. It is generally not a good strategy to try and compete with Amazon or other established online giants based on price.

Non-pricing terms add value

You can differentiate yourself by offering valuable information that complements products and charging a premium price. Entrepreneurs are driven to solve problems. This is true in ecommerce as well as dropshipping. Offering guidance and expert advice in your niche is the best way to launch a dropshipping company .

Add value in ecommerce

Simply add value! It’s easy enough. This is a difficult task. This strategy is more suitable for certain products or niches than others. It is important to look out for key features that will make it easier to add value through educational content.

Many components

Customers are more likely to use the internet to find answers if a product has too many components. What is more confusing? Buying a pet product or a home security system that requires complex wiring and multiple cameras? You have more options to help customers choose compatible products, the more components they need.

Are customizable/confusing

The same goes for confusing products that can be customized. They are great for creating value through content. How would you know which hot water solar panel configuration is best for your climate, or what wireless dog collar system will work best for your yard? It is great to be able to provide guidance and recommendations on the best products for different environments and customers.

Installation or technical setup required

Expert guidance is easy for products that are complicated to set up, install or assemble. Let’s take the security camera system that was before. Let’s suppose that the camera website had a 50-page installation guide. It also addressed the most common errors people make when installing their systems. The guide might be worth the effort and time it could save you. Guides are a great addition to customers’ shopping experience and they don’t require any extra cost once they’re made.

Complex and confusing niches can be made more valuable by you in many ways.

  • Creating comprehensive buyers’ guides
  • Invest in product listings and descriptions
  • As discussed above, creating installation and setup guides
  • Making in-depth videos that show how the product works
  • A simple system to understand component compatibility

Dropshipping is a great way to make money

Dropshipping is a great way to make your ecommerce store more profitable. These people can assist you in determining shipping costs, deciding markup for products, automating dropshipping fulfillment and even product research.

AliExpress is the largest business-to-business purchasing portal for online retailers. It has millions of top-selling items that you can browse to find the right products for your shop. Either order directly through AliExpress, or use Oberlo, a dropshipping tool that allows you to upload, manage and sell products in your Shopify shop.

Dropshipping niches to be avoided

Dropshipping offers a lot of potential, but not all products are created equally, especially for those just starting out. It’s nearly impossible to make a sustainable income in some niches. Other niches present additional challenges that you need to be aware of such as high return rates and other risks.These are the categories that you should avoid for your online shop, despite changing demand.

Watches The watch dropshipping market is extremely saturated despite potential high profit margins. It can also be easy to buy low-quality watches that aren’t selling for people who don’t have a lot of knowledge about watches.

Clothing Although there are many options for clothing dropshipping, it is difficult to stand out in this niche and make your first sale.

Health products Although health products are highly in demand, there are many risks and challenges associated with them. It can be difficult to sell low quality products, and you should be aware of the potential legal consequences for misleading or false claims.

Shopify allows you to build your dropshipping shop today

You may have heard the phrase “Just follow your passion!”

This is especially true when choosing the right products to sell. It doesn’t matter if you have a lifelong passion for Star Wars figurines. This does not mean that it is a good niche to start your ecommerce business. A successful startup should be your goal. You need to take a systematic approach and choose a niche that is conducive for online success.


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