How to get started with Bing for Business

Microsoft’s business directory, Bing Places for Business, is free. It is the equivalent of Google’s Google My Business accounts which appear in local search results. This platform gives you exposure to more than 1 billion monthly users, and a huge advantage over the rest. It’s easy and free to create a Bing Places Account. You only need to go to Bing to sign up and then follow the prompts for your business profile.

These are the more specific steps:

1. 1.

Go to and sign in to your Microsoft account. Register for a free account if you don’t already have one. This can be done with either an email address or a phone number. Once you have entered all necessary information (passwords, birthdates, confirmation codes), you will be able to solve a CAPTCHA test that will verify your identity.

Go back to Bing Places and sign in with your login information.

2. Claim Your Listing or Add Your Bing Locations

Bing offers two ways to get a Bing Places listing. You can either manually add or claim the listing, or import your details from your Google My Business account. Companies with more than 10 locations will have to go through a different process. Make sure you choose the right option for your company.

The next step is to choose the type of business that will make the most sense for you business. Bing Places is a great option for small businesses that don’t need a physical address. It also works well for professionals without an office.

To check if your listing is already on Bing Places, use your business phone number and business name. If your listing is already there, it will be displayed on the map. If Bing cannot find your business, create a new listing.

Use the drop-down box to learn more about the different process for adding a Bing Places for a single location versus adding it for multiple locations:

Adding a Bing PlacesMake a new listing of bing placesYou can add more than 10 locations to Bing for business

Make a new listing of bing places

Simply fill out the fields with your company information to manually add your business listing. Make sure you enter the exact same contact information and address that you used to add your business to other directories. If you’re not sure where you should list your business, use our online directory master list to get started.

Tip:If you have an existing listing on Google My Business, which you should, then you can import the listing information from Google to Bing. The instructions for logging in to your Google account will be provided. This will allow Bing Places access to your Google My Business profile.

Select Different Option

3. Add Category and Description to your Bing Places Listing

Next, you will be asked to select your business type. You can also choose the last option in the list of business segments, and then enter your business category. You can then add your address or hide it if you don’t want to display your physical address.

Continue to follow the prompts to add your email, social media links, and directory profile links (e.g., Yelp for Business), and finally, add up to 100 photos to display on your Bing Places listing.

Add Photos in Bing Places
Choose segment of business options

Additional Business Details for your Bing Places
Bing New Business Contact Details form
Add Photos in Bing Places
Choose segment of business options
Additional Business Details for your Bing Places
Bing New Business Contact Details form
Add Photos in Bing Places

4. Check Your Business with Bing for Business

Once you click the submit button, you will be prompted to verify your business. You can verify your business by text or phone if your number is already registered as a business telephone and Bing can verify it. You may need to verify your business by mail if it isn’t yet registered as a business phone. This process can take up to one week.

Verify Your Business by post with Bing for Business
Verifying your association in Bing Places
Verify Your Business by post with Bing for Business
Verifying your association in Bing Places
Verify Your Business by post with Bing for Business

It will take approximately one to two weeks for your business to appear in Bing’s Business Results after verification.

There are many reasons to use Bing for business

Within a few days, your business should appear on Bing Maps as well as in local search results. You’ll be able to tap into an audience that might not use any other search engines by listing your small business on Bing Places.

Here are some benefits to using Bing for Business:

  • Get more organic exposure with the second-most popular search engine
  • Capture attention from a different audience
  • Look for new customers with more disposable income
  • Ranking high in Bing Places’ local search results will result in virtually free marketing
  • To increase exposure, combine local search and Bing Ads

Even if your business doesn’t advertise on Bing it will show up in organic search results. This means that you are visible to people who may not use Google. This is a simple, cost-free way to potentially increase your customer base.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

What is the difference between Bing Places and Google My Business?

Bing Places, Google My Business and Google My Business are free directories that local businesses can use. However, they’re both created by different search engines. Based on the number of businesses that have profiles in each directory, local results from Bing might be different from those in Google. Learn how to register on Google My Business.

How can you get more reviews online?

You can target more reviews online by using a variety strategies. Start by asking customers after they’ve purchased or provided a service. Look for more ways to get more reviews on Google and Bing to help you show up higher in local search results.

What is the difference between SEO and PPC?

SEO (search engine optimization) refers to building organic traffic on your website. This is usually done by creating content for keywords that are relevant for your business. PPC advertising targets keywords as well, but you have to pay to appear in search results. Read more about all the various search engine marketing methods.

Bottom line

Increase your business’ visibility by listing on Bing for Business and see how exposure to over 1 billion people per month can help boost your business. Bing Places for Business is similar to Google My Business. It will allow locals to find you online so you can get more traffic and sales. It’s also free and simple to use so you have nothing to lose but a lot of benefits from using Bing Places.

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