As we’ve mentioned in our previous posts, user behaviour translates into more revenue. The same is true for when you will need to enhance the performance of your screen ads.

There are two things that you absolutely need to have: the best ad placements, and an open mind. Position your ads where your customers can see them, and know which sort of ads can entice and engage them.


We provided you a few suggestions in our post Top Banner Placements that Work! In cases like this, you need to be aware of the functionality of your website and decide what positioning to utilize. Say you want to use a leaderboard.

If a website’s articles do not usually start until after the fold, then I’d say to lessen your leaderboard a little, following the navigation bar, rather than have it flush with the top. In cases like this, users will see the ad for more, as opposed to simply ignoring it and moving to the article straight away.

You can use the Google custom search engine on your website, which will permit you to create your own search engine. AdSense results, in this situation, can be triggered by search queries, which generates revenue for the website owner. A personalized search execution also shows Google ads when a search does not match a query.


In trying to consistently provide new and additional attributes, Google created link components along with the Google ads. Again, placement plays an important function. We suggest inserting the connection components to the content or directly after the content. Higher visibility and consumer engagement are key, and of course giving your customers a sense of direction in locating another article or a related subject.

Even if link units are not that enticing, that really gives it the advantage to entice readers since it doesn’t seem like typical text ads. As always, play around with it experimenting with position and placement till you see increased revenue from existing traffic.


Inserting contextual ads and sponsored content widgets are another wonderful source of revenue.

It’s possible to inject them in a high visibility area such as in between two paragraphs, which makes them noticed even by banner-blind visitors. Both of these ads are better positioned close to the bottom of the page, or right after an report or whatever the page content might be. Some visitors may not get to the bottom of the page, but only like link ads, they’re bringing visitors who generally want more information about the subject or related information.

All these are hints for improving your display ads’ CPMs. Positioning your ads and deciding which kinds of ads to inject are very important to raising ad visibility and involvement. Be open to experimentation with a variety of techniques. Needless to say, daily ad optimization and keeping your eye on your ad performance is always the best course of action. If you require expert management and optimization of your site’s ad inventory and CPM Rates, contact us for a FREE consultation.

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