How to Optimize Content for Higher CPMs in Adsense and Ad Exchange

High ad viewability is the essential evil to raise your CPM rates. Ads that aren’t seen, don’t earn. The bad news is that based on a Google study, 50% of all display ads aren’t seen. But the great news is, an increasing number of publishers are moving towards enhancing ad viewability. Key to this direction is in fact content optimization.

Below are a few ways you can optimize your content and general site layout to acquire higher CPMs from Adsense and Ad Exchange.

You understand your heatmaps so have a peek at your high-engagement places. Optimize the content you put there, alongside ads. Odds are, you get more eyeballs reading your articles and viewing your ads. High-engagement areas can be above-the-fold, below-the-fold — such as at the end of the article where you can put native ads.

This mechanism enables content and ad to load only when the consumer is actively present in the region. So the remaining ads on a webpage will only load when the user scrolls. This reduces the page load time (hence avoiding users to leave the website ); as well as ensuring ads are seen and will not compete with different elements of a webpage. Lazy loading decreases impressions which are out of view.

The viewability amounts of ad tags inside iFrames cannot be quantified — unless you use friendly iFrames of SafeFrames. As much as you can, reduce the use of the HTML element onto your webpage to boost viewability and CPM rates.

A mobile-responsive site means website elements will be viewed properly when accessed in a variety of devices. A mobile-responsive design is the number one investment to attain optimum content and ad viewability. We suggest that you examine your current site layout with Page Insights, and the Mobile-Friendly Test

According to a Google study, most viewable ads are perpendicular ads. They are available in these measurements: 120×240, 240×400, 160×600 and 120×600. When you put out your webpage content, it is advisable that you allot space for all these ad slots since they carry great viewability rates to improve your CPMs.

Increasing impressions isn’t only about driving traffic. It finally means that your ads should be observable. The methods we’ve mentioned above are intended to direct you in optimizing your content and site design that will assist you get to your desired CPM levels.

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