iOS 15: 100 Mobile Moments More Beautiful Every Day

iOS 15: 100 Mobile Moments More Beautiful Every Day

Apple launched its annual developer conference Monday, June 7, 2021. iOS 15 was one of the major announcements.

iOS 15 improves user experience and makes it more intuitive. Apple is constantly adding new features to help customers 100 times per day, in small moments throughout the day, each day. You could argue that iOS 15 isn’t really doing anything new. Every day, it improves hundreds of small experiences. This requires thousands, if not millions of hours of engineering. It also requires a strong vision as well as an ecosystem strategy.

A few high-level impressions are my top picks. Apple’s iOS 15:

  1. It takes a lot of effort to combine experiences in ways only it can.Why? It is one of few manufacturers that can sell multiple devices to a single customer or family. It also has many ecosystem partners who offer services that make these devices even more valuable. iOS 15 introduced new ways to blend experiences such as music and movies using FaceTime calls. iOS 15 will make it easier to share and combine media in our conversations. These seamless and blended experiences will help increase Apple’s consumer base and reduce switching costs for existing customers.
  2. Consumers will feel more secure with new security features and better control over their data.While I will leave the deep dive to Forrester colleagues, I can’t wait for everyone to be able to use my accounts online. I have generated many, if not hundreds of random email addresses in order to create temporary accounts, rather than creating my own. It is extremely annoying that I have to create an account each time I order food, track a shipment, or browse a website. I don’t want to be tied to every company I buy from. I want to have a choice.

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  1. The Apple Watch is the next “it” gadget.Four years ago, I wrote “An Introduction to the World of Writing”ListThis list includes:
    • Notifications(Apple has checked this box in the first version.
    • Payments. Although Apple Watch has been accepting payments for years, Apple is making incredible progress in acceptance by merchants and transit authorities. Do you remember?MCXOr CurrentC? I don’t.
    • Voice(assistants). Apple continues to innovate in this area with Computational Audio and Spatial Audio. The Bluetooth AirPod headsets make it a great experience.
    • IdentityThis is huge. This is a huge feature. It is a game-changer for Apple and everyone else who does this. I can navigate TSA at the airport without an ID or Real ID.
    • Health.Apple is still building here. Apple does more than adding sensors, gathering data, building insights and guiding consumers to healthier habits. Apple is now offering services to help you get fit. Apple is aware that it still has a lot of work ahead. The realistic tone is refreshing. They are empowering consumers to make better decisions and improve their overall health and well-being. They are helping consumers to achieve better outcomes, but not guaranteeing them.
  2. Continue to put the customer first.Apple doesn’t use a lot of buzzwords. I doubt I ever heard of AI or machine-learning. These technologies, along with others (think neural networks), will be the foundation of my smartphone, watch, media creation, and other devices in 2021. It is refreshing to hear a company demonstrate what it can do, rather than just talk about the potential of its enabling technologies.
  3. Balance the needs of customers and developersAlthough brands may not like the fact that they cannot track visitors’ eyes or send endless mobile notifications, it is something they must accept. It is not clear what the end result of this epic trial will be. Apple is constantly weighing the best way to serve its diverse ecosystem. It is not an easy task. Apple revealed that 600 million people visit its App Store each week and that $230 billion has been paid to its developer community since its App Store’s launch. All app developers, whether they are Fortune 500 brands with banking or airline apps or small game publishers, will be happy to have access to new tools in the Developer Kit. It is amazing that you can create 3D images for Augmented Reality (AR) using an iPhone photo! Apple is trying to protect their consumers’ privacy by replacing what they lost in tracking technology.

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