Marketing operations job titles: The tautology

Marketing operations (MOps), which is characterized by variety, is reflected in the job titles of MOps. The wide range of tasks, responsibilities, and activities that are required is reflected in their job titles. These addendums, also known as repetitions or tautologies, are not necessary. They simply repeat the same thing twice with different words. Here are some real-life tautological MOps job titles. And, why less words are better!

Technology and MOps

I thought I’d start with this one because the eagle-eyed will see that I have held this title before, my only excuse being that I didn’t choose it. It could also be abbreviated as “MOAT” or “MO&T”, which appeals to me because I love abbreviations. However, technology and specifically martech is the core of MOps. The function is crucial in ensuring that martech is selected, deployed, optimized, adopted, and managed. MOps, while it is more than just tech, is the right place for it. MOps teams and specialists have the technical, analytical, and process-oriented skills and the central position to oversee the marketing martech stack. It’s not necessary to mention it in the job description.

Automation and MOPs

This is a variant on “and technology”, but with more focus on marketing automation. Similar to the previous, I believe that MOps would have responsibility for managing and sometimes even executing the MAP. A MOps team might have a marketing automation specialist, but this is just one example of the many skills that make up MOps.

MOps and process Management

Despite being the least visible aspect of MOps, process administration is still essential to the function’s success. This covers the “frontline” processes, which I call “capture-to-close” lead handling. From web form to successful deal, it also includes more internal aspects like how campaigns are executed and budgets are managed. MOps’ central position in the organisation and analytical mindset makes process mapping and governance easy. Although I have yet to make it happen, I like the idea of having a business analyst join the MOps team, who would be responsible for process development and rollout. For more information on my ideal MOps team, take a look at my Marketing Operations Dream Team post.

Planning and MOps

Marketing terminology, “planning”, seems a bit old-fashioned. My Business Studies degree included a module on “Marketing Planning”. It was many years ago …). Oddly, my first job at a DM agency was in “technology and planning”. However, planning is essential to marketing success. MOps are the best person to coordinate and organize it. Its centrality within marketing and its ability to span the function make it an obvious place for planning. This is especially true if specific tools or methods are in use that MOps oversee.

Innovation and MOps

This one is a good choice, but I stand firm to my belief that less is better. Innovation (a little like strategy) should be the responsibility of everyone, not just one role or team. MOps must continue to be open to innovation for the greater marketing function. This could include new technologies, process improvements, or new applications and data analytics. MOps need to encourage and support this spirit of innovation in marketing. They should not expect to be able come up with all the solutions. Innovation is part of marketing, so there’s no need to stress it.

MOps and Change

Innovation is all about change. To use another cliché, the only constant in life is change. Marketing is supposed to promote change. Change can even be referred to as innovation. It is logical to have a coordinated approach for change management. MOps will likely be the center of roll-out of new processes, systems and practices. It’s already there.

Analytics and MOps

Although I admit to having a little doubt in my conviction, I will not let it stop me from sticking to my guns. MOps is, without a doubt, the best place for tracking, measuring, and attributing – and I have an analyst on my team who handles reporting and analytics. My point is that, as the analytics team grows, I believe there’s a strong argument for creating a separate team that MOps could support from an infrastructure perspective and data governance standpoint. This would be in line with demand generation or events. It is obvious that analytics will continue to be part of MOps until that point.

MOps, technology, and analytics

Okay, here’s one last one. I’m certain I don’t have to go into too much detail… suffice to say, you know when to stop selling!

Of course, I am not being serious. You should definitely call the MOps team or role in your marketing function whatever role makes sense for you. Maybe one of these aspects is especially important or has a history that should be addressed. We MOps know the importance branding! If that is not the case, I encourage MOps to embrace their natural beauty and avoid tautology in favor of concision.

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