Modern tech stack is essential for experience-driven commerce

Customers expect more from their experiences than ever before

Consumers are more likely to interact with content on more connected devices than ever, so they expect consistent and personalized experiences from all brands. Accenture and the Retail Industry Leaders Association surveyed 63% of respondents to find personalized shopping appealing.

Retailers’ sales are driven by content. The most successful retailers will place their customers at center of their strategy. They will take advantage of every digital channel and provide personalized, high-quality digital experiences to their customers. They provide new, engaging digital experiences that keep customers engaged and on the move.

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Fast and agile workflows allow for impactful experiences with flexible tools.

Retailers must create new apps and websites quickly to stay competitive. Forward-thinking retailers create a digital factory that includes cross-functional teams and uses modern technology. Editors and developers can collaborate to produce new digital products quicker to increase engagement in new channels and create new opportunities.

Content operations is a critical component of the digital factory workflow. Many companies struggle with legacy content management systems, which are difficult to customize, slow down everyone and keep information siloed. There is a solution. API-first platforms allow for flexible and modular content management.

These platforms can be easily integrated into the modern technology stack to power content across an entire company’s digital portfolio from a single hub. This microservice structure allows editors to create and update new content across multiple websites, apps, devices, and on-site displays. This approach is transformative for both editors and developers.

B&O transitioned to a microservice structure, using Contentful to store and manage their content. The deconstructed architecture allowed them to create and implement customer experiences online and offline. With consistent content, the online and in-store digital experiences resulted in a 60% rise in conversion rates and an 13% increase in average orders value.

Retailers can publish new content, conduct tests, gather feedback, and close the loop faster with a central content management platform. They are able to access the best content and tailor it for their customers.

How Contentful helps you build engaging experiences

Don’t allow a legacy content management platform to slow down your ability to build products and digital experiences. Contentful helps global brands get to market faster, respond better to customer needs and scale their digital footprint.


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