New Store Display Ideas for Holiday Season

This time of year is quickly approaching. It’s the time when people flock to shops to purchase gifts for their loved ones. This is also the time when retailers get swept away with all the tasks they need to keep their shops running over the holiday season. It’s the perfect time to plan your Christmas store displays. Make sure you have everything you need so it doesn’t add stress to Christmas chaos.

These are some Christmas display ideas that will get your creative juices flowing:

1. Three-layer rule: It’s time to get on the vinyls. Many visual merchandisers use the three-layer rule. This is partly because it’s easy. The idea behind the three-layer rule is that a window display should have three layers. The first layer is often placed directly on or near the glass. The “main event” is usually your products or clothed mannequins. Your backdrop is the last thing. This can be either your window display’s back or, if your shop has an open window, your view of your shop. Make sure your shop is neat and tidy so that customers can see inside. A chaotic appearance can deter shoppers.

Vinyls can be used to add depth and Christmas cheer to your windows. To create the first layer, they can be directly applied to the window glass. You can place them in the corners of windows or frame an element. They are a stylish and eye-catching way to elegantly include snowflakes.

2. Try something new with your mannequins. Try to give your mannequins a unique look when you use them in your display. You can rent or buy mannequins with unique poses if you have the money. Remember, mannequins are not just for Christmas. Your new mannequins can be used in your window displays all year. It’s a peak season for retailers and Christmas is a great time to fire on all cylinders.

You can make your mannequins look more exciting if you don’t want to change their appearance. You might try dressing them differently or positioning them so that they catch some of your snow decorations.

No matter what you do, try to offer something new to passersby. It can make a huge difference in how much attention you get to your shop by changing things up and creating more stimulation at the windows.

3. Choose your store display colors. It’s tempting to get too excited about Christmas and go crazy with glitter and festive colors. The most striking displays are those with a stunning color scheme. Displays with two or three colors are the strongest. A display with too many colors could be skewed. You can also stick to one or two textures. This will prevent your display from appearing too busy or cluttered.

Popular Christmas combinations include white and silver decorations with strong-colored merchandise or a combination white, red, and gold.

Consider which colors will make your merchandise standout when you choose your color options. Fake snow is a great way to create a soft white floor. To add depth and interest, you can combine this with white snowflake vinyls. Add your mannequins dressed in your finest Christmas clothes. Fake logs and mistletoe floating around the colder areas can add life to your merchandise without detracting.


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