Product Engineering Expert: Revel Employee Spotlight

How Wendy Helps Fight Product Engineering in Revel

At Revel we often refer to ourselves in the”People POS,” meaning people–our clients–are at the center of our mission. In this blog show, we are spotlighting just some of the talented team members that help bring the technology fueling the”Individuals POS” to life.

In case you missed our first spotlight, we discussed how Patrick helps lead SMB services at Revel. Take a look at the post to find out how he manages this while browsing remote implementations and problem solving for customers in the new reality caused by COVID-19. Up next in the show we are focusing on Wendy. She’s a veteran engineer whose enthusiasm for the field is motivated directly by the people she works with daily.

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Meet Wendy

As vice president of technology program direction at Revel, Wendy manages a group of product and launch management specialists, scrum masters, and layout visionaries who assist shepherd new features and product releases to advertise. Since joining the Revel family almost 3 decades ago, Wendy has grown as a leader and finds joy in training her team members.


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“Revel is challenging me to grow as a leader. I’m going from a hands on and technical individual to more of a coach and a leader and I look forward to it. My joy is seeing my team being successful in most things they touch” she says.

Wendy directly manages a group of 10, lots of whom are featured below in a photo of one of the most daily Zoom calls. Despite physical space from her staff, Wendy makes an attempt to keep their calls filled with knowledge sharing, enthusiasm, and fun.

Besides the people on her staff, Wendy is inspired by Revel’s product and its direct effect on consumers and businesses alike. She uses her personal shopping and dining experiences to help inform strategic product recommendations, and is passionate about bettering the experience for other consumers just like her.

“When you get to really use your product and develop it better based on what the customer experiences–I believe that is so exciting.”

Her team’s hard work keeps Revel monitoring towards its forward-thinking release objectives. In the end, the point is to make sure our solution arms customers with a flexible tool that equips them to succeed, regardless of what the industry or the world throws at them.

A Closer Look at Product Engineering Today

When COVID-19 caused physical business doors to shutter earlier this season, Revel’s product engineering group took swift action to help customers respond and stay nimble.

In June, Revel announced new product offerings and rolling attribute updates made to specifically address a number of the challenges posed by COVID-19. Highlights included:

  • Enhancements to our online ordering solution
  • A new Purchase Ready customer-facing display that allows merchants to differentiate between third party pick-ups and to-go takeout orders
  • Shipping direction optimizations
  • And much more business-refining features still in development

As we continue to track COVID-19 and its impacts on the hospitality business, Revel’s product technology firm will change our product roadmap to accommodate the mission-critical needs of our customers. Meanwhile, they continue to deliver regularly scheduled releases and goods to market.

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How Wendy Makes It Home

Wendy is an essential participant in the product engineering business at Revel. Her enthusiasm for our product, paired with her positivity, make her an approachable leader who’s always up for a challenge.

“I really like coming in and just having an excellent time. Working with terrific people, having a good laugh each day, and learning more than I believed I was capable of.”

Wendy embodies the”People POS” with her people-first approach to directing her staff, and by creating products with the end consumer in mind. Her staff, composed of gifted product owners, agile coaches, designers, and business analysts combine forces on a daily basis to guarantee quality products and features are made for our customers. And they have fun doing this.

Noteworthy Extras

After having an in-office work day with Patrick earlier this season, we led to Revel’s headquarters in Atlanta to spend the day with Wendy (before transitioning to a work-from-home surroundings ). The end result was a behind-the-scenes look at a normal work day on the product engineering floor. Watch Wendy in activity in her entire interview on the YouTube station .

What’s Next

In Revel’s next product launch (slated for late autumn of 2020), the group intends to incorporate several great features especially designed to help our customers succeed. Here’s a quick look at what is in the works:

  • A refreshed online ordering platform
  • Kiosk XT
  • Conversational ordering
  • Shipping XT
  • Support for curbside pickup
  • Support for new payment integrations

This launch will be the next up in a cadence of about three big product updates each year, accompanying routine, rolling upgrades with smaller changes and enhancements. Each launch builds on the team’s strong momentum, and Revel’s coming releases will place a whole lot of focus on continuing support for our business clients.

“It is not just about writing or compiling code. It is about how we provide value back to our customers and their customers,” Wendy reflects. “I am encouraged by what we’re learning now.”

While the world continues to adapt to an ever-changing definition of”business as usual,” Wendy will work diligently to ensure her Revel team is prepared. Come pandemic or economic boom, she will be watching and reacting to maintain people–and their success–in the forefront of product development.

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