Retail Sales Tip: 5 Keys to Your Competitors

Retail Sales Tip: 5 Keys to Your Competitors

What do I do?A business makeoverI invite the owner along to visit my competition. It’s a bit like asking a child to visit the dentist to have a cavity filled.

The stress. The doubting. The excuses.

What are you afraid of?

I met the owner of a window fashions shop and we got into the car. By the time we reached the parking lot of the competitor four minutes later, he was certain they would “know” me.

We almost dragged him out of the car and entered a sub-par showroom. Contrary to his assumption, the products they sold only partly competed with his. After a while, a woman shouted from behind the counter at us, “Let’s talk about anything!” We looked at her.

Although she looked twenty-years-old, her leopard print skirt and halter top were too short for her. She was actually in her mid-40s. She was eating a sandwich. This is the kind of place where you would expect a professional dress code.

I whispered to him: “Let’s go, we’re looking at positives here.”

The owner looked at me as we got into the car and said, “Well, they’re not so big deal.” This was a gross understatement.

My client dismissed our encounter with the woman, which I later discovered was her owner. She said that she could upgrade the display with something similar to the one on the right, and that it would drive sales.

It is exactly and what the purpose of your visit.

Fear of the unknown can be worse than fear of the known. Are you ready to compete?

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Shop today with an eye on five key areas and a competitive mind.

  1. The store.Are they neat, tidy, and well-organized? What are they doing well with fixtures, endcaps or displays?
  2. The employees.Are they friendly? Would you like to work with them? Why might you want to work with this person?
  3. The service.What one thing would you like customers to remember about shopping at your store? What would you do to improve customer service?
  4. The products.Are there any items you should have? Is it possible to get more for similar items?
  5. It was a great experience.Would you like to go back to this store again? Why? Do not dwell on the negative, try to find something that will challenge your store’s experience.

Although you might only have one or two items, the ability to search for good is a key to your success in growing your retail sales.


You can also hire a mystery shop company to help you with this, but first look at what your competitors are doing.

Trust me, they will make mistakes. But don’t let yourself get too attached to feeling superior. You’ll miss the information that you need.

10 Things You Need To Know To Keep and Get Retail Jobs

Many people look for retail jobs while looking for new opportunities.

Retail is the ideal job for anyoneFrom college age to retirement, to improve their people skills. You must be open to doing what the employer asks of you if you want to work in retail.

You didn’t need to know any to get hired or stay in retail. It didn’t really matter back then, but it does now.

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While retailers are aware that some employees might be temporary, they still require honest work in return for honest days’ pay. Retail is now more competitive than ever.

You can’t be a mere warm-body anymore if you’re looking for a retail job or are currently working in the industry. It is important to look beyond what you get out of your retail job.

Ten Things You Must Know to Hold a Retail Job

Performance is keyRetailers are known for assessing every step and each employee based on a range of performance metrics. This is a common practice. You will be fired if your salary isn’t justified.

The Customer is Always Your CustomersRetailers cannot afford to loseAnyCustomers are so expensive to acquire, they should be treated with respect. Customers must be treated with respect in all situations. You should not make it personal if they act out.

Get the Extra YardSimply put, the more valuable that you are to your manager the better the shifts will be and the quicker you will receive a raise. Managers are looking for problem solvers who can manage all aspects of their job without being told, or without you having to ask the same-sense questions repeatedly.

Keep on TimeManagers don’t need to be annoyed by late employees. This is because your boss will be looking for you 15 minutes earlier than you are due to arrive at the office. They’ll have to ask someone to stay longer or do it themselves, which is not in your favor. It is a great way to make your coworkers feel unimportant and less likely to help you in a pinch.

Do not Gripe about the HoursRetailers require you to state your availability hours when hiring. If your hours are not within the guidelines, don’t be discouraged. Don’t suddenly change your availability just because you have been offered the job. It doesn’t matter if you say, “Any and All,” it just means that.

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Flexibility is keyYou can increase your hours by staying late and picking up odd shifts when asked. This will help you to be more productive and also help your manager. You’ll be the one she or he calls for additional hours.

Don’t be a drag– People who constantly denigrate the retailer’s policies and gossips. These mouthy little slobs are not only sub-par performers, but also drag down good co-workers to their level. Don’t be them.Rotten apple.

Participate in a teamRetail stores follow a set schedule. You’ll be a valuable team member if you work with your coworkers. Encourage others to complete their tasks and you get bonus pointsWithout an attitude.

Respect the RulesDo not cut corners. You must follow all company policies and procedures without exception. This will save everyone time and save you money if there’s a problem. Follow the instructions exactly; don’t try and make them yours.

Signify a reduction in hoursBusiness can go out of business, but a reduction in hours is usually a sign that your services are no longer valued. This is usually the first sign you’ll soon be “performance counseled” or, if there is no improvement, fired.Managers don’t reduce the hours of strong employees, even if they are slow.

These are not all the things you will need to know in order to get a job as a retail employee. But these are enough to make you reconsider if retail work is for you.

While you must follow the instructions, don’t be afraid to suggest a creative idea that could be a benefit to your store. You can expect to be congratulated for following the instructions and not stepping out of line.

Ask, suggest, and then get permission to do it.

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