Serve your customers like the Sun King. Do what Versailles did.

Modern customers are demanding just like the Sun King. This I-want-it-and-I-want-it-now mentality is strong, and companies should be operating like the Versailles court of a thousand servants used to — humbly serving the customer who is at the centre of the operations.

With digitalisation and new technology, the customer’s skill level and needs are always changing. Businesses and their brands are now dealing with a wider range of customers, regardless of whether they are private consumers or corporate customers.

Customers desire to be the center of attention for companies, so they can spend their disposable income on top-quality services. This is what Louis XIV (17 century) did with his economic policies. The most important thing in a company is not product quality or flexible service contents. It’s how they acknowledge their customers, understand and anticipate their actions.

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While your products and services must be in top shape, your competitive edge is the overall customer experience. This includes the emotional side. Online, mobile, and social media are all key to a competitive edge.

The brand promise is only the beginning of the brand experience.

Instead of simply referring to customer experience or service experience, we should use the term brand experience. It is essential that the brand that surrounds the customer, and the service entity that makes that concrete, are seamless. Both the digital and analog manifestations of a brand and service in different channels must respond to customers’ demands. After all, every customer wants a high-quality, predictable experience, regardless of where they are located.

A meaningful experience is what the customer expects, regardless of channel. The company must be able to identify the needs of its customers and transform them into personalized experiences. Personification is a key component of the typical digital experience. This includes user friendliness, service speed, and user friendliness.

These services are supported by a well-built technology environment in the background. This manifests to the customer as seamless, effortless service from one channel while taking into account customer needs, operational methods, and habits.

It is hard to master experience

It takes more than willpower and hard work to create a winning experience. You must have a solid and evolving brand strategy, customer-oriented thinking patterns, and operational processes that emphasize unity. To be a brand that is constantly evolving, you need to think outside the box and keep in mind your brand roots.

True customer orientation emphasizes proactiveness in anticipating customer behaviour and needs. Strong customer-oriented processes that are planned and executed in advance with each customer meeting, ensure the ability to quickly respond to market needs.


Overall, it is difficult to master the sport of experience. Research shows that experience is both subjective and context-specific, even when using digital channels. The best part is that customers can affect their experience. However, the best companies succeed in this, and the reward is well worth it — according to Forrester Research, companies with a good customer experience increase their revenue on average six times faster than the control companies.

A successful customer experience is based on the recipe from Versailles, which dates back nearly 400 years. It is not possible to create a winning concept from your business’s perspective. Instead, you must think about customers. Success will be achieved by those who place the Sun King at the center of their operations.

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