Six features to be aware of in your attendance and time management system

Six features to be aware of in your attendance and time management system

Effectively tracking employee attendance and working hours is crucial to maintaining smooth business operations. This allows you to accurately invoice customers for the services that you provide and helps you comply with federal and local labor laws. A great time-and attendance system can also make payroll processing easy if employees are paid an hourly.

Here are six things to keep in mind when you plan to implement a time-and-attendance system within your company.

1. Attendance management

You should simplify attendance management by selecting a time and attendance system . Employees should have the ability to check in and out each day to mark their attendance. It could be very helpful to have employees who work from customer offices.

Employees who fail to check in should be marked absent by the system. Sometimes employees forget to record their attendance or may mark it incorrectly on the day off. Your attendance system should be able to adjust attendance entries in such instances. To avoid extra work, you can integrate your biometric system with the new system if it is already in place.

2. Management leave

Your employee’s attendance and leave are closely linked, so having leave management features in your time-and attendance system could make core HR operations easier. Your organization should be able to set up leave policies according to the laws that apply to it. The system you choose should allow employees to check their leave balances and raise leave requests. It will also enable them to check their holiday schedules and take compensatory time off. Your HR department and managers should be able to approve or deny employee leave requests. The leave management module within your time and attendance software should be configurable so you can manage employee leaves in the way that suits you. The system should allow employees to transfer their leave into the next year.

3. Employee schedule management

Your attendance and time system should eliminate the hassle of employee scheduling and make it easy and transparent for employees. You should be able to create multiple shifts simultaneously, define time limits and allocate shifts easily. The system should automatically rotate shifts to avoid any shift conflicts and errors. The system should notify employees immediately if there is a shift change. This will allow them to plan ahead. This eliminates last-minute problems.

4. Timesheets

In a time and attendance system, a great timesheets feature is essential. Your employees can keep track of the time they spend on various projects or tasks. Managers can also easily monitor their progress with timesheets. Your managers will be able assign tasks to your employees, approve or reject timesheets and your employees will be able record their time and send it to their supervisors for approval. Employees should also be able timesheets their time and assign them jobs as needed. Timesheets should be available to your time and attendance system to create error-free client invoices.

5. Integration with the payroll system

For a simplified and error-free payroll calculation, your attendance and time system should be integrated with your payroll system . Because you don’t need to manually import attendance and time data into your payroll system, this integration will save you time and reduce administrative burdens. To avoid mistakes in payroll, other data related to employee work hours such as overtime and loss of pay should be synchronized between systems.

6. Reports

You need to be able to see what is happening in your company with great reporting capabilities. Your system should allow you to see the attendance list, which will include those who were present, absent, late or leaving early. Your system should also be able provide you with a list if employees are available for time off management. Your system should give managers clear information about pending and completed jobs, actual and scheduled hours, and other pertinent information. These details can make your HR staff’s lives easier.

The right time and attendance system

To get the most out of your investment, it is important to have a time- and attendance system that meets your organization’s needs. This blog will provide you with useful information about the features that you should be looking for in your next attendance and time system.


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