Stay awake: What Gen Z has to teach us about the future news and information

Generation Z is a progressive generation of digital natives who were born between the mid-1990s and the early 2000s. Their cultural influence is changing traditional views about online entertainment, shopping, and news.

We discuss Gen Z’s attitudes and relationship to brands in our new three-part series. How digital technology fits into their lives and how it is affecting the Indian and Southeast Asian (INSEA) industries.

Gen Zers are an interesting generation. They get their news from many sources, not one, much like their shopping habits. They love to learn and are open to trying new things.

Gen Z is exposed to more information and news because they spend so much time online. This wealth of knowledge also encourages Gen Z to question what they know so that they can become worldly and enlightened .

Gen Zers are changing the rules of information consumption to make it more enjoyable and profitable.

The straight facts: Authority and authenticity are the key

Gen Zers are more aware of the ways information can be altered and consult multiple sources before they consume news. Gen Zers believe that if a publication or brand doesn’t do their homework, it is part of the problem spreading misinformation.

You need to ensure that your sources are reliable and valid. Sharing misleading information can devalue your brand’s social standing.

Gen Zers also look for reliable sources for information when looking for education or if they are seeking out further academic help. Gen Zers crowdsource information in a similar fashion to how they consume news. They also thoroughly verify the sources.

This shouldn’t stop anyone from creating engaging content. People are drawn to authentic stories that are relatable and humane. Gen Zers will pay more attention to stories that are authentic and relatable.

“Fake news does not look cool, because we can be attacked by other people if the facts are wrong.” — Female, 22-24 years old, Manila

Masterclass: Teach Gen Zers

The lines between news and information are blurring when it comes to serious and lighthearted content. There are needs and desires. Gen Z is changing those lines.

The perception of education has expanded beyond the classroom. Gen Z recognizes the importance of soft skills and life hacking in achieving success. Youtube videos provide them with in-depth tutorials that teach them new skills, how to be more resourceful and how to make a positive impact in the world.


News is another area where they are hungry for new information. Don’t limit your attention to serious news, but give them something that is current. Gen Zers are interested in keeping up to date on both local and global news that will make them look “woke.” However, they also want to keep current on their lighter-hearted passions and interests.

Gen Z wants to keep up-to-date in order to share their opinions, whether they want to be considered an influencer or simply to have something to discuss with their friends.

They choose sites such as YouTube (33%), Google (33%), or Facebook (37%) to keep up with the latest news. To stay informed, they also follow certain news publications, like Mothership on Telegram and CNA. 2

Gen Z recognizes online news sites as their favorite channels to catch the latest news.

Google is your friend!

Source: Google/Kantar/SixthFactor. IN,ID. MY. PH. SG. TH. VN. Gen Z INSEA Report. Jan.-March 2020.Share

Give them a fresh perspective

Gen Zers seek nuance in an information overload. Because so many people express opinions online, and there is a strong cancel culture, Gen Zers consult multiple sources to determine where information comes from. They also search multiple perspectives to build their opinion and support it.

Google is your friend!

Source: Google/Kantar/SixthFactor. IN,ID. MY. PH. SG. TH. VN. Gen Z INSEA Report. Jan.-March 2020.Share

Gen Zers make their own syllabus when searching for information. Many consider YouTube to be their professor. They don’t have to be limited to their current teaching environment. Instead, they can supplement their learning by engaging mentors and learning modalities that suit their needs.

It’s worth looking at how Gen Z consumes news and information. They view news and educational content more than entertainment. It’s a way for them to get inspired and learn new things, to be informed about the latest developments, and to make a difference in the world. These are facts.

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