The New Face-toface: How to succeed in the New Face-toFace: Preparing your Digital Storefront for Peak Season

The New Face-toface: How to succeed in the New Face-toFace: Preparing your Digital Storefront for Peak Season

The importance of customers having a positive experience with your online storefront has increased in the face of the global pandemic. It is easier than ever to connect with potential customers, answer questions, or respond to inquiries via the internet. Potential sales will be lost if businesses fail to meet or exceed these expectations.

These best practices are essential for businesses to ensure a positive customer experience in peak season. Many of these best practices can be found within digital stores.

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Allows for easy browsing with category landing pages

Online merchants can make shopping easier by creating pathways that enable customers to discover what they want. Customers will often navigate to your site with an expectation of what they will find. Category landing pages allow customers to browse related products and help them to discover other options that might be available to fulfill their shopping needs. While you can focus on a narrow topic like socks, baking products or bikes, category landing pages don’t have to be. You should also be able to create conceptual landing pages. A category devoted to “camping” might include items such as sleeping bags, small-batch coffee beans, and outerwear. This will help shoppers get a better understanding of the options available. Don’t forget Page Creator in Magento Commerce, which is an easy and quick way to quickly build these pages.


Product recommendation tools can be used to automatically recommend items similar to those your customers are viewing. This powerful tool has been proven to increase sales . You can use several extensions in Magento to help you relate products based upon customer purchases.


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Site Content

Create a Home for the Welcoming

As it was in the past, your home page will be an important place to start a conversation with customers. It is important to include quick links to frequently asked questions in your home page. The home page should be simple and concise, with a link to further information.

Be There Your Customers Want To Land

Spend some time researching and analysing the top landing pages that customers use to find you through search engines and referrers. Your home page will rank high on this list. However, you should identify the top 10 pages that customers visit when they first visit your site. These pages, just like your homepage, should be optimized to provide similar information about shipping, returns and sales. Make sure that the pages’ descriptions, colors, customizations, and images are consistent and current. It’s worth looking under the hood to ensure that these pages are optimized to attract traffic.

Do not slip when it’s time to ship

When it comes to shipping options and prices, customers don’t like to be shocked. You don’t have to offer free shipping to be competitive. However, it is a good idea to provide this perk if you can. Instead, ensure that your customers are able to access simple information about shipping costs, available options, and delivery times when they make a purchase.

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Be Searchable

Merchants have many options for sitewide search, but we recommend Elasticsearch as our default choice for Magento sites. You should test any sitewide search tool to make sure it works as intended, returns solid results and directs customers to the right product pages. This important feature should be tested before peak season.

Sign up now, but don’t let it be a letdown

Encourage customers to sign up to an account or opt-in to receive a newsletter. This is a smart choice for the checkout process. Instead of asking customers to sign-up or opt in, give some context about the benefits of signingup for a newsletter or account. If you are creating an account, explain how future shopping will be improved by order recall, faster returns and eligibility for loyalty programs. For newsletters, provide information about whether coupons or discounts will be available in the newsletter. For security reasons, make sure your sign-ups use the reCAPTCHA tool.

Have a chat with your customers

A live chat function is an excellent way to communicate with customers quickly in an age where it’s difficult to meet face-to-face. There are many extensions available on the Magento Marketplace. Magento 2.3.4 and above offers live chat. Consider whether you require pre-formatted answers or how you prefer the admin interface to work. Also consider how it may integrate with other extensions.

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Payment Options

Think Beyond the Credit Card

Credit cards are vital to online shopping. However, it is now easier than ever to make sure customers can shop online in many different ways. This may help to reduce cart abandonment and speed up checkout. To increase the number of options for your customers, make sure you explore the integration options with Venmo and Apple Pay, Google Wallet and .

Do Not Be Afraid to Deferral

Customers who need assistance with transactions can be converted by structured and deferred payment systems in difficult economic times. These extensions ( , such as Klarna), can be found on the Internet. They allow customers to add these options during checkout. This makes them an easy addition to your website.

One Step to Success

Helping customers to accelerate the sales process is a key way to avoid abandoned carts. One-page Checkout, which is natively Magento, is one of the most powerful tools that you can add to your website and has been proven to increase conversions. Instant purchase is another feature that can enhance both your customer experience and sales. The Magento Marketplace offers many extensions that simplify, streamline and reduce the checkout experience.

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