These WooCommerce blocks will help customers discover your products

WordPress and WooCommerce have made steady progress toward combining commerce and content in a way that allows customers to be better served.

We continue this trend with the WooCommerce 3.7 release. This release will include three new Product Blocks as well as enhancements to existing blocks to make it easier for customers to find what you are selling.

Continue reading to find out more about WooCommerce 3.7.

Note: Product blocks require WordPress 5.1+, or the most recent version of the block editor plugin.

Better Blocks

We made improvements to WooCommerce Blocks that you already use in order to give you more power.


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All WooCommerce Blocks will now be labeled and branded when you enter “WooCommerce” in the block editor.

A new Focal Point picker is available in the Featured Products block. This allows you to choose how your featured products will be displayed.

We also improved the performance of the Featured Product block and the Hand-Picked Product block to speed up the search.

New Blocks

Three new blocks are also available.

Block with Product Categories

  • This allows you show product categories in either a dropdown or a list.

Block of featured categories

  • You can choose one or more categories to display on your site. Customers will be able to click the link to go to the archive page.

Products by Block Tag(s).

  • This allows you to choose to display a variety of products that are linked to a particular tag or set of tags.

Get ready for your store

Prepare for the next release by reviewing How To Update Your Store and ensuring that you have taken steps to backup your store with Jetpack.

WooCommerce 3.7 is now available! The new WooCommerce version was launched on August 12th. Read more .

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