Three great examples of results-driven checkout processes

How customers get through your sales funnel can be affected by the design of your checkout process. Higher cart abandonment can be caused by even subtle design choices, such as overly lengthy forms or surprise fees.

This is especially true during holiday season when shoppers are in hurry to buy gifts and your business faces competition from hundreds of other websites. It’s possible to simplify your checkout process and make it easier for customers. These three sites are examples of ecommerce websites that make use of subtle design features to speed up checkout and encourage conversions.

1. Segmenting the Checkout Formula

Ecommerce businesses require a lot of customer information in order to complete a purchase. Many checkout forms include fields for billing details, address and shipping methods. Baymard data shows that a long checkout process can lead to frustration.One of the top reasons isCart abandonment. These forms can be made simpler and smaller by simplifying the checkout process.


The accordion-style checkout at ASOS’ online shopfront is a great example of how to manage lengthy forms. The form expands as the customer continues to complete the order. It shows only the required fields and what they have already filled out. An accordion-style checkout makes complicated forms more easily understood visually. It doesn’t require splitting the form across pages, which could lead to increased loading and possibly leading to cart abandonment.

2. 2. Secure Cross-Sells

To secure additional sales, you can use design right before checkout. Customers will often add more items to their cart if they are given valuable, relevant and well-placed recommendations. Ikea’s website shows how it responds to customers who add high-value items to their cart.

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A sidebar with eight product suggestions appears after clicking “add to shopping cart” button. Each product recommendation has a button that allows users quickly to add the product to their online shop bag. All recommendations are based on the original item that the customer added to their shopping cart — in this instance, a sofa.

Although Ikea does not try to sell the customer, similar design elements can be used for this purpose. Do you offer add-ons, warranties or other advanced features for your products? A pop-up sidebar listing the available upgrades could be a subtle way for customers to spend more.

If you don’t offer valuable and relevant recommendations, ecommerce businesses could lose sales. This is especially true if your seasonal products aren’t being noticed by consumers.

3. You can offer a guest checkout option

Many ecommerce websites require customers to sign up or log in before they can check out. A customer who logs in is a benefit to both the shop and the business. Logging in allows the customer to view their orders and gives the retailer more information so that they can make better recommendations.

The process can be halted if the user is required to log in before they check-out. AroundCustomers account for 35 percentAccording to a PYMNTS Report, they were required to create an account on a website that made them abandon their carts.

Customers may not be familiar with their password or username, so the idea of searching for it may cause them to abandon their cart. A prompt to log in might also catch customers off guard, leading to similar results. This tendency can be even more evident during seasonal events, such as the holidays when shoppers may be in a hurry to finish their shopping.

This can be avoided by making it simple to check out without having to log on and also giving the option to do so. Check out Uniqlo, a Japanese casual-wear brand, to see how you can offer both.

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When they click “checkout”, the page that users see is doing several things. It makes it clear that customers can continue shopping without having to log in. Customers can also choose their preferred payment method and it will speed up the process if they prefer PayPal. You can also log in to see what you get if you create an account. In this instance, you will receive free shipping when placing your first order.

How results-driven design can improve your site’s performance.

Making small changes to your checkout process can increase conversions and decrease cart abandonment. It’s possible to streamline purchase processes with design tweaks such as guest checkout or accordion-style checkout designs. The checkout process can be used to cross-sell or upsell products to customers, potentially increasing sales.

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