Publishers hate ad blockers. These software programs/extensions/tools prevent websites from displaying ads to users and seriously harm ad revenue. You can read more about ad blockers here. Happily there are ways to combat ad blocking and recover some of that lost ad revenue. A publisher should always concentrate on providing a good user experience and show a balanced mixture of content and ads. However, that’s not to say you can not combat ad blocking.

Anti ad blockers use technology to bypass ad blockers. It can be tricky since there are many different ad blockers used across the net, which are constantly updating within an ever-changing landscape. Some ad networks serve ads that skip ad blockers, but even that isn’t a sure thing.

If you are confident that you are suffering substantial loss from ad blocking, even after attempting to combat it through normal means (paywalls, ask users to remove ad blockers, user-friendly advertising, etc.), you might want to offer anti-ad blocking services a opportunity.

We frequently recommend BlockTrough and UpOnIt to publishers who are serious about recovering lost ad blocking revenue. Let’s take a closer look at what BlockThrough offers publishers and how their service works. Please bear in mind that both services, Blockthrough and UpOnIt, are excellent at regaining lost ad blocker ad revenue. We are just using BlockThrough as an illustration to help you understand how anti ad blockers work.

According to their data, most publishers lose between 15-40% of their ad revenue due to ad blockers.

Blockthrough is designed to work with a publisher’s existing ad stack and make integration easy. Their solution integrates into a publisher’s site with minimal effort and only requires one line of code to be added. It also works with most ad servers like Google Ad Manager, works with al SSPs, and can be used with header bidding wrappers.

What’s more, it adheres to Acceptable Ads Standards and doesn’t result in a negative impact on user experience. Publishers also get access to a dashboard that provides analytics and info on ad blocking rates, device, geographical location, etc.. This is especially important to determine if the remedy is cost-effective.

What does it cost you? Blockthrough takes a revenue share of the revenue they recuperate from ad blocking.

How does it work? As soon as you’ve obtained the service integrated and an ad blocking user comes to your site, their technology kicks in, and serves a lightweight ad experience.

Essentially Blockthrough finds three things.

  • When the user is running an ad blocker, then it asks the user to Whitelabel the site.
  • Detects if the ad block user is opted in to’Acceptable Ads’
  • Subsequently integrates with your ad stack to serve ads for you if the ad block user is part of AA.


Are you struggling with RPM drops, low ad revenue, unfilled ad impressions, ad blocking users? It’s discouraging to add hours of work building your site, traffic, and user base, to have lackluster ad revenue outcomes.

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