What’s user-generated content or UGC?

Brands often run user-generated content campaigns to sell their products and market solutions. Are there any samples to reveal? What are some thoughts of user-generated content that you can apply? In this post, we will take a closer look at UGC and answer those questions for you!


User-generated content (UGC) or user-created Content (UCC) is also called consumer-generated media(CGM).
It can be any sort of Content such as video, blog posts, forum posts, digital pictures, sound files, and other forms of media created by users which are publically accessible to others.
It also contains any material created and published by outstanding contributors or followers/fans as an act of users supporting a brand.



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Coca-cola always tops these kinds of campaigns all year round. They create advertising that relates to people. Their customers end up creating and sharing their content throughout the world. The”Share a Coke” campaign has been a huge success since 2011.

ShotOnIphone — As people began to dislike the camera of iPhone when shooting pictures on low-light, Apple released the campaign #ShotOnIphone to reclaim their lost hope on the iPhone’s camera abilities. In this campaign, they encouraged people to take amazing photos with their iPhones and share it with the world.

These are just some of the examples of user-generated articles that hit the world by storm and generated lots of recognition and revenue for businesses.

As with any kind of marketing, creativity is quite important when it comes to this sort of advertising. You can use UGC to showcase an astonishing or unique feature of your brand whether it is content from your customers, users, members of your neighborhood, city, city, or district. You can ask people from social websites to submit stories and reveal what your brand is all about and means to them.

Give people a reason to get connected with your campaign that is larger than social media itself. It can be an awareness campaign or a benefaction drive. Build a excellent item, outdo at helping clients succeed, and curate a presence on social media your users wish to be a part of.

Enable them to share it with you and the world so that you can grow your community.

Allow the people discuss their experiences with your products. Bear in mind, people trust customer testimonials, and if you show them being successfully used by real people, it is easier to get them to your site to start shopping.

If you are making an advertisement or releasing a new product, use UGC to get the word out about your followers and consumers trying it out for the first time.

Use a give-aways or contest to promote and generate noise around a UGC campaign. Provide a prize for participating (with a branded hashtag, of course) to get people excited about commenting, posting, and sharing on Social Media.

These are simply some of the ways that you can use UGC to market your products, services, and manufacturer.

Monetizing a site with UGC is not always easy as you have limited control over the content users create unless you heavily moderate it. If for example, you monetize this type of content with AdSense, you still must make certain that your content complies with the AdSense program policies, or else you could risk breaking policies and worst, lose your ad account.

However, having users generate content for your website can be amazing. They produce content, which then means you rank for additional keywords on Google, it generates traffic and you earn revenue from ads. It can also make a viral buzz, get shared by users on social networking platforms, and generated additional referral traffic.

Managing it efficiently and maximizing your ad revenue while maintaining your ad accounts in good standing is critical. Want to take your ad revenue to the next level, while ensuring your ad account remains intact and you don’t violate policies? MonetizeMore includes a team of specialist ad optimization specialists working on a vast array of sites in addition to sites with user-generated content. We can help you stay compliant with AdSense and any other ad networks while maximizing your ad revenue.

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