WooCommerce Shipping: How to Make and Print Shipping Labels

You probably wish you had more hours in your day as an eCommerce merchant. It seems like 24 hours is not enough when you consider marketing, customer service and inventory.

Although you cannot change the time rules, automation can help you save some hours. Shipping label management is one area that automation can help your store. Your business will run more efficiently if you automate some of the tedious tasks associated with shipping. You can also use the time saved to complete other projects, cut down on work hours, or focus on your own health.

How to automate your shipping labels process

Do you need more convincing to automate shipping labels creation and printing? These are the three benefits of automating shipping label creation and printing:

  1. Don’t worry about tasks: As a store owner you are constantly changing hats. It is easier to lose focus and spend precious time switching between tasks, the more you do. You can automate your shipping label process and focus on the more urgent matters that cannot be automated.
  2. Do not navigate to third-party carriers sites It is difficult and time-consuming to use a third party carrier site, and it can also make it more likely that you will make mistakes. You are more likely to make mistakes and enter incorrect information than you would if you entered it manually. This can result in angry customers not receiving their products. USPS allows you to print only 20 labels per order. This could be a problem if you have 100 urgent orders.
  3. You don’t have to go to the post office. Shipping automation allows you drop off your packages at a dropbox, or schedule a USPS pick-up at your home. Print your shipping labels at home or at work to speed up your commute and avoid the long lines at the post office.

We are glad you’re here. Let’s take a look at WooCommerce Shipping to see why it’s an excellent choice to automate your shipping process.

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WooCommerce Shipping benefits

WooCommerce shipping seamlessly integrates with your WooCommerce dashboard, making it easy to print shipping labels. It is the fastest way to print international and domestic labels, and it empowers merchants worldwide to fulfill customers’ orders. You also get discounted rates. These are just a few of the many reasons you should use WooCommerce Shipping.

It’s completely free

There are no subscription fees and no per-label charges. Only the shipping costs are charged.

You can ship domestically via USPS or DHL Express.

Instant access to low shipping rates for USPS and DHL. DHL Express allows you to ship anywhere in the United States and to more than 220 countries.

Print labels right from your dashboard

You don’t have to spend time copying and pasting information between your dashboard, the carrier site, and worrying about possible errors. WooCommerce Shipping integrates your order fulfillment process right from the start. All you need is a printer, labels and a printer.

It can be easily integrated with the USPS Shipping Method Extension

WooCommerce Shipping is an excellent addition to the USPS shipping method extension.

Combining both extensions will allow you to stop losing money on flat rate shipping and instead charge your customers the actual delivery cost based on where they live. You can automatically calculate the postage rates for domestic orders using USPS.

WooCommerce Shipping: How to Print Labels

This is a step-by–step guide for printing labels

1. Navigate to WooCommerce or Orders to select the order you wish to send.

2. You’ll find a box on the Order details screen with the option to create shipping labels or track packages. Select Make a shipping label.

3. For shipment, enter the complete origin address.

WooCommerce Shipping will save this address for future orders and you won’t need to enter it again. After confirming both the destination and origin addresses, select Verify Address.

4. Check the details of your package and choose These packages.

5. Choose the shipping cost and decide whether an adult signature is required in order to receive the package.

6. If you don’t have a payment method, you will be asked to purchase shipping labels or to add a credit card.

To add your credit card to your account, click the Add Credit Cardscreen. Fill in the necessary fields and save your card.

After your payment method has been confirmed, you can choose Purchase shipping labels and then you are ready to move forward.

7. After you have selected Purchase shipping labels, your shipping label can be viewed in Print mode.

8. The label can be saved for future use or printed. You can also create multiple labels and batch-print them all at once.

Other options for shipping automation

WooCommerce shipping is completely free. This makes it the best solution for automating shipping. You can do all of your orders from one WooCommerce dashboard, which eliminates the need for additional steps during order fulfillment. You may need additional features, such as carriers. These are the top three shipping automation options that integrate with WooCommerce.


Cost: No cost for a account and $0.05/label — $200/month up to 10,000 labels

Shippo guarantees that customers will enjoy faster shipping and lower rates, which results in happier customers. Shippo is a global shipping platform that allows merchants to integrate with 85 carriers.

Shippo has three major benefits:

  1. Get Discounted Shipping Rates: Instantly get low shipping rates from carriers such as UPS, USPS and DHL Express
  2. Simplified Label Printing: Orders can be imported automatically from your eCommerce shop. You can also batch print to further automate your process.
  3. On-Demand tracking and free return labels: Customers have the option to choose from a variety of tracking options, and receive a return label at no cost. Only return items will be subject to charges.


Cost: $9-$159/mo

ShipStation is a great option for overseas store owners looking to cut down on shipping time. ShipStation is available in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. It offers discounted labels regardless of where you live. The tool is great for both small and large merchants. It also includes custom notification emails, packing slips and shipping labels. You can even create a tracking page specific to your shop.

ShipStation is a mobile app that allows eCommerce store owners to manage their business from their smartphone or tablet.

ShipStation features include:


Price: $17.99/mo

The WooCommerce Stamps Extension is the perfect solution for shop owners in the United States that rely on USPS to deliver their orders.

You can use the Stamps.com extension to create ready-to print shipping labels for USPS. These labels will come with the most current rates. Stamps.com offers affordable USPS shipping rates, so whether you send five orders per day or 500, Stamps.com will provide you with the best.

Stamps.com API Extension offers features such:

  • Access to USPS shipping services
  • Shipping rates to the USPS at a discount for domestic and international customers
  • Insurance from Discounted Stamps.com

There are many shipping options available, but it is up to you which one suits your online store. Automating your shipping can help you save time, and it will give you another tool for running a successful and efficient business.

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