Your Online Store is Ready for the Holiday Rush

Although there are many things we don’t know right now, one thing is certain: online shopping will not cease to be an integral part of Americans’ lives. It is also certain that holiday shopping will be different than any other year.

Are you ready to open an online store? Retailers will see an increase in orders, regardless of whether you sell pet clothes, furniture or medical supplies. This is an easy-to-understand guide on how to set up your online store in time for the winter rush.

Make it Easy, Keep It Clean

No matter how long your ecommerce platform has been in operation, there are likely opportunities to improve. Double-check to make sure your order process runs smoothly, quickly, and seamlessly. To ensure that the order process is easy and quick, you can go through it yourself. All the information that your customer requires, such as photos, specifications, and reviews, should be available on one page. Select the product, then add the delivery address or pickup address and billing information.

You are likely to lose sales if you ask customers to sign up to an email list or account, or bounce them around from one item to the next. You can set up an account and opt in for emails with just one click.

Once you’ve done your gut check, make sure to check the data. What is the point at which customers leave your site? These bits are worth a closer inspection. If the problem isn’t apparent, a user experience designer may be able to review it.

Reassure your Customer by Checking out

Even if your brand is new, there are simple ways to assure customers that you’re trustworthy. You can add checkout options to your website from Visa and PayPal. These payments are supported by large companies that most consumers can recognize. Computer security companies such as Norton and the Better Business Bureau can also provide digital seals to your checkout page. A trust relationship between the user’s computer and the checkout process can be established by small logos or confirmations of actions taken.

Subscription Service

Subscription-based models have been adopted by everything, from household goods to whiskey flights. Amazon and other big brands rely on monthly subscriptions for goods such as soap and toilet paper. Smaller companies, like coffee shops and pet food suppliers, are beginning to reap the benefits of subscribers. It can lower costs for you and your customers. Additionally, it can help predict future income as well as provide valuable insight into your inventory.


Increase Your Server Capacity

We’ve all been there. After you have completed all steps, you reach the checkout and get an error message. Websites can collapse due to increased demand these days. While some customers might try again, many others will abandon the site after the first attempt.

Ask your web host if they have any other tiers that you could upgrade to. Many retailers will pay more for increased data usage or processing power. You can quickly offset that cost by offering a repeatable shopping experience that your customers love.


Now you’ve stocked your warehouse, upgraded your server and created seamless checkout for your customers. No matter how hard you work, there will always be a problem. Your customers should have easy access to customer support. This could be a phone number that’s easily found, a chatbot on your website or the contact information included in the order confirmation email. A helpful and enthusiastic solution can make a customer feel better about your business, even if it goes wrong.

Who is doing it right?

Many companies, large and small alike, are doing a great job with ecommerce. For retailers looking for inspiration, you can take a look at these websites:Casper?Chewy?Warby ParkerAndAccu–Chek. Some require additional steps (Warby will need your prescription; Chewy offers a bespoke subscription), but they all provide amazing customer service and simple checkout options.

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